Team Britney

  1. Team Britney Shirts

    They're making them already :wtf:

    I am personally glad that Britney is divorcing Kevin. She hasn't been herself since she married him.
  2. He was spotted shopping Wal-Mart not too long ago....I don't know, I kinda feel sorry for the guy. I mean, he's not all there but you know, neither is she...
  3. I'm glad she left him too. hopefully now she can actually live her life instead of having to cope with him and his problems :/
    She really needs to learn to listen to adult's advice from now on.
  4. I kind of agree, she is better off with out him! But Britney was always a bit trashy to begin with and she never was the brightest or most articulate person and I just think that marrying someone like him just brought out the worst in her! Also let's not forget that no one twisted her arm into marrying this guy who already had a kid and then left his pregnant gf for her! I mean she had a brain didn't she? Isn't it sad that she is known now mostly as tabloid fodder rather than for her career? I think she only has herself to blame on that one!
  5. He married Britney to TRY to jumpstart his career, if not solely just for money. Too bad he sucks at everything he does and now the ship (Britney) is gone. I don't feel bad shopping at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart's great! Always low prices!
  6. oooh, I have no pity for him. . . he should've learned w/ his first child, then his 2nd, then his 3rd. . . . he's a leach and he's :yucky:
    She's a little icky too, but she tried really hard to keep her family together, thank God she's taking out the trash, I hope she can salvage her career.
    I used to really dislike her, but I actually am starting to at least have some regard for her nowe that she's finally seeing clearly again!
  7. :rolleyes: at the shirt.

    I never really liked Britney Spears but I kind of like her now for dumping that loser husband of hers. Some sense finally creeped in her brain!
  8. My hubby said Britney longed for a family man...Kevin does not fit the bill.
  9. Bored already with this trailer park drama.....
  10. Amen to that.
  11. Yay Britney!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. i liked britney- but her troubles now are called KHARMA...
    she knew that man was with SHAR and that she was pregnant and she totally disregarded SHARS feelings as a woman.. that was her man and how bad she felt to have your man leave you while you are pregnant....
    ....the sad thing is- he will go back to SHAR and she will take hims grungy but back...
    plus i think britney just wanted kids and did not want to do it out of wedlock....
  13. lol, i'm so glad that she kicked him to the crib. she can find someone else that won't mooch off of her money that she earned. it's pretty funny to also learn that she text him letting him know that she wanted a divorce!
  14. i cant imagine ppl whom will wear team Kevin :roflmfao:

    im on with brit's team :biggrin:
  15. i agree with him