Team Balenciaga Has A New Member!

  1. Hi Ladies, I just got my first Balenciaga today and I wanted to share it with you. Its a city in Sapin and I absolutely love it. It was meant to be a birthday present to myself (though my birthday isn't until Friday) and now I'm so tempted to wear it before my birthday rolls around :shame:

    The pictures really don't do it justice at all. The color is brighter and it isn't as shiny, plus the thanks to this forum, I was able to know the differences in Balenciaga leather well enough to pick out one that wasn't too veiny.

    I'm a total convert to Balenciaga now. I've never had a bag that's so light! I tried it out today (couldn't resist) and even with all my stuff in it, it was lighter than air! :yahoo:

  2. Beautiful! Congrats!
  3. Congratulations!!! Welcome on board :smile:
  4. Welcome to the Bbag madness, lol! Congrats on your beautiful Sapin City!:yahoo: And Happy Birthday for Friday! Woohooo!!!:party:
  5. Wow, love it! I think you made an excellent decision! Oh, and Happy B-day!!! (4 days early).
  6. luxx, happy birthday! :yahoo: you couldn't have gotten a better present! congrats on your first balenciaga and welcome to the team! enjoy your sapin city.:tender:
  7. Yay!! happy birthday!!!
  8. Welcome to Balenciagas! Gorgeous colour, I hope you wait until Friday to wear it, the anticipation will be worth it! Happy Birthday!

    I wish you well,

  9. Your Sapin City is beautiful!!!!! :yahoo: The color is so much brighter than I thought it would be! love it!!! Congrats and Happy early birthday!:heart:
  10. Woohoo, welcome, and happy birthday! GREAT choice for your first B!

    TEAM BALENCIAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Happy (early) Birthday Luxx!

    Congrats on ya first Balenciaga!! :yahoo: :yahoo: And to many more in years to come!! ;)
  12. congrats. happy early birthday to you. celebrate it well with your b-bag:drinkup: :party: :drinks:
  13. purrrrrrrrrrrty :love: HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY, Luxx! :drinkup:
  14. Such a beautiful bag! Congratulations!
  15. don't you LOVE how lightweight b-bags are! WELCOME!
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