1. After seeing the amazing color of Maja's bag...

    Do any of you experts know if any other bags will be released in teal leather? (just the plain...I don't really wanna buy patent or pebbled).

    I wanted a spring or summer leather bag in a fun color.

    PLEASE say the Ergo hobo lol. I think that would look great : )
  2. One of the SAs yesterday said the ergos were going to be released in regular and patent leather, in lots of colors, so maybe there will be teal or turquoise (Ive heard that color tosssed around too).
  3. maybe there will be teal or turquoise (Ive heard that color tosssed around too).[/quo
    :nuts: I hope they have turquoise because it will be mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::girlsigh:
  4. i hope it will come back, i need some COLOR!
  5. I agree, I love teal and turquoise!!! :tup:
  6. That would be a great color, for a ergo bag. Can not wait to see what colors they bring out.:yahoo:
  7. they did turquoise last year, I doubt they'll do a repeat of the same color.
  8. yeah, they probably won't do a repeat, but that color in the ergo hobo was GORGEOUS. i would check on eBay, im sure someone will be selling them since they were out fairly recently (end of last summer/early fall). they look really cute with charms, too. i don't nkow if this one is real, but it's on eBay right now. keep looking, it's a perfect summer bag!!! :smile:

  9. I called about more patent colors being released and they said they didn't see anything else other than the brown, pond and black. :sad: I want teal!!!
  10. I broke down and ordered the patent leather Francine in the teal color. It's due to arrive early next week. This is my consolation prize for having missed out on a khaki/turquoise Gucci bardot bag a few years ago. Even after all these years, I still pine for that Gucci bag :crybaby:
  11. Yay! I am waiting. No more bags until I find a leather Ergo I like. Even if not teal, I am sure they will do something spring. I could probably settle for a springy blue maybe.

    If they don't release til June, I will just have to tame myself with accessories, clothes, shoes and sunglasses lol.