Teal Weekender

  1. Make her an offer! You have nothing to lose! I don't know if anythings wrong with it.

  2. I agree:yes:
  3. what do you think of the leather ? :rolleyes:
  4. I think it looks really awesome! The bag looks to be in great condition too. I would offer $1000.00
  5. Loving the Weekender size too!

    This teal looks lovely, I say make an offer at least! ;)
  6. I think the leather looks great! I love teal as well, and this one seems to be in nicer condition than some of this seller's other Bbags (the handles aren't darkened much).
    I've never bought anything from her, but other PF girls love her, however, she is known not to accept most offers. I think someone said that she's accepted up to $200 below her BIN. Having said this, I strongly believe that one should never pay more than one is comfortable with... so once you figure out what the comfortable figure to you is, go for it! Fingers crossed for you :idea: