Teal Weekender Pics

  1. here she is my teal weekender. :yahoo: :wlae: the leather is unbelievably thick, soft, and squishy. by the way, my daughter has a new sleeping bag.;)

    anyone who owns a work and thinking about getting a weekender... go for it! i took a pic comparing my magenta work and my teal weekender. as you can see, they're not much difference in size.
    tealweekender1.jpg tealweekender2.jpg tealweekender3.jpg tealweekender4.jpg comparison.jpg
  2. OMG, esile-girl, you & your teal weekender look amazing together :tender:...and thank you so much for the photo of your work & weekender together...i never realized how close in size they are!!!
  3. that is soooo gorgeous! congratulations, it looks AMAZING on you!!!
  4. Wow it's amazing!! My love for bigger bags is starting to grow:girlsigh: ...Congrats!:flowers:
  5. my teal hoebag (i mean shoebag) sis -- you wear it well, truly. i am so happy that you got it. yay!

    how does your daughter like it in there?
  6. Wow..........congrats Esile...that bag is so beautiful and it looks great on you :love:
  7. aaa, i know how much you love those works! i think it's high time you get a weekender.:graucho:
  8. hey, hoe girl! my daughter loves it in there! :lol:

    thanks, ladies, for the compliments!:flowers:
  9. Yay.. you finally got it!!! :yahoo:

    I'm hoping to get a Weekender or maybe a Work pretty soon!
  10. lol, i'm one step ahead of you girl, i've already got one in ink :wlae:...i bought it a couple months ago, but haven't busted her out yet...i've been waiting for an occasion to use her, but haven't had one yet :sad:...she's the most gorgeous color ink i've ever seen & the leather is TDF (totally soft & smooshy!!!) :tender:
  11. hey esile wow!!! 0o0o0o00 SO beautiful!!! thanks so much for posting up pics!!! i cant wait to get my hands on a WORK!!! the WEEKENDER looks AWESOME on ya!!! woo hoo!!!
  12. kahlua, what color are you getting?
  13. Esile, I love it on you!!! :nuts:
  14. special occasion? aaa, everyday is a special occasion. bust it out!:graucho:

    helen, i'm crossing my fingers for ya!
  15. Esile, your Teal Weekender is gorgeous!!! :yahoo: It looks amazing on you! Beautiful color!!!!:tender: :love: :heart: Gosh I love that color so much...hoping the Blue Grey will have more of the brighter tealish turquoisey tones to it. Teal is so pretty!