Teal Twiggy SP789 BIN799

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  1. Yes, it looks very faded.
  2. yes, faded, hence the price....
  3. Very bad fading, which is why it is so cheap. She usually does not price her items that cheaply.
  4. very faded and worn
  5. It looks more sky blue than teal....
  6. this is the wonderful seller I bought my 05 olive city from.
  7. still looks beautiful!!... LOVED looking!!
  8. I think it's pretty too. The photos at the bottom of the listing look better than the ones at the top, for some reason.
  9. theres another teal on eBay too and the color looks the same almost, I started watching that auction when I read Decophile had a great experience with the seller. even if its faded its really pretty. I didnt know it was faded until I read the posts here.;)
  10. Still pretty, and a great price!
  11. same here :yes: . And I think its beautiful. Even with the fading, that's a great price.
  12. So youre gonna buy it right? Oh wait, youre on a self imposed purse ban right deco? :roflmfao: I REALLY want a Twiggy. Just not sure which one.
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: You and I make a poisonous duo!
  14. yes, still a beautiful bag-hope someone picks up this poor faded baby soon....
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