teal twiggy on ebay

  1. hi chigirl! i was gonna post this one too...boy you're fast! It used to be $100 guess the reserve was met.
  2. ohhhh check out the highest bidder, she's been discussed before...
  3. it is because i am on the hunt! i hope to be off the hunt soon because i don't like scanning ebay.

    you going to bid? it would look lovely with your other blues.
  4. yes, i want to bid! it would look very lovely with my other blues...and so would a blueberry and a blue-grey! HAHAHA. It's NEVER ENDING!
  5. if you get blue-grey, you won't need this (or vice versa). they are supposed to be similar (but i am biased and think teal is prettier though blue-grey does look lovely too).
  6. o0o0o i like this one!! damn!
  7. omigosh, where did it go gals, did you get it didi-girl?!?!?!
  8. i have this one & i love it! the leather is sooo soft!
  9. Wow that was fast!!
  10. It ended eary......but with no bids, know....huh.

    Hope the seller gets paid if the buyer is..........ahem..:sneaky:
    What's up with that anyway??

    I hate when the auction ends early:hrmm: :sneaky:
  11. my computer......:weird:
  12. sorry:shame:
  13. what!? IT's GONE!? No I didn't get it! I messaged her to see if she has a buy-it-now, but apparently someone made her an offer she couldn't refuse. SAD!
  14. btw, it did get a bid by a bad bad ebayer before, and it was up to $550 or something.