teal twiggy on ebay -- $1295 BIN

  1. this one is so hard to avoid looking at... :love:
  2. If I didn't have a Blue India coming in the future, that would so be mine.
  3. very very pretty.
  4. Hey nice bag, should I get it? I just wish it was a city, I like:yahoo:
    that style much better.:yahoo: :yahoo:
    This one won`t last long...good luck:graucho:
  5. Me too. I am waiting to see Blue India. And next Spring has a turquoise as well as various shades of blue/green (I am waiting to see the water green colour). The price is a bit high knowing that there are new blue/green colours just around the corner.
  6. I don't think it is high at all. First, the color is gorgeous and will not reappear again. Second, although some of the f/w '06 leather has been nicer than s/s '06, it is still not as nice IMO as s/s '05 or earlier.
  7. I definately hit the BIN button, though I wait for the blue India
    myself....should be worth it:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. omgggg..it's sooooo purdy!

    must...wait...for...2007!! so hard to look away!
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