Teal Twiggy- $799 BIN

  1. I'm new Balenciaga convert (Are there really any other bags? I can't seem to remember anymore!)
    I'm eyeing this bag and it looks pretty legit -so far as I can tell from the hardware shots. I am definately no expert though. Thoughts?
  2. it's authentic.
  3. Thanks I thought so too! I think after reading this blog( a lot) I am starting to get the hang of it (fake spotting that is)!

    I really want a teal twiggy, but I am a little worried about the condition if this one -looks really faded. Do you think that could be (partially) due to lighting? I noticed the strap is darker but the seller describes that in her right up as "darkening due to wear". It is cheaper (likely because of condition) but the price is why I'm interested (I'm going to get a greige City too-local department store- not cheap!). If the quality won't look too "dead" on this one I think I'll go for it.

  4. I never bought from this seller (yet) but I was in communication with her over getting that LV mat shelton. She is a pretty sweet seller (also a my poupette member) to talk to and is always willing to send you more photos of the bag if you ask her.

    The bag is authentic and to me, $799 is a really good price for a discontinued bag. If only I like blue B-bags... :p
  5. Thanks you've been really helpful! I:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: THE PURSE FORUM!!!
  6. I bought my Olive Green City from her. She's super sweet, great service, quick shipment, and sells authentic bags, sometimes not in the best condition, but the prices are more than fair. I love this seller!
  7. Great price for that bag !!
  8. Well everyone, I thought I'd keep you posted. After thinking it over and having a few discussion on price with the seller-(who by the way is wonderful) I was still a little concerned about the condition.

    I chanced to notice "birtiebluebird's write up (on the dolma weekender recently up for auction) and I noticed she had a 03 lilac city soon up! I've read about her and she's a PFer with a great rep for selling only authentic Bbags. She sent me pictures and we negotiated...and I got it for 1650.00. I thought this was steep until I saw what they have gone for in the past (over 1900)! Needless to say I'm pretty happy! The bag looks in good condition. TALK ABOUT DIVING IN WITH BOTH FEET FOR MY FIRST Bbag! :yahoo: :sweatdrop:
  9. Opps ...make that the dolma work (not the weekender)! Sorry-still learning
  10. Congrats on your purchase!!! Post pictures when you get your bag - we lovvve pictures!!!!
  11. Thanks- the 03 lilac with pewter is gorgeous! I love it-it was my #1 pick. It will take some time before I can add to my collection at that price!

    I figured I should try to post pics. If I can ever figure out the darn computer better I will!
  12. ^^ You got the lilac City instead? :nuts: You go girl!! :yahoo:
  13. The teal twiggy is really faded in areas, she sent me pix the last time it was listed. Not worth it in my opinion.
  14. Awsome-I thought it looked faded. I am happier with my Lilac 03 city anyway-although I think I see smoke coming from my credit card it's so over worked!!! Thanks again for all your feedback guys!!! I will try to post pics!:smile: