Teal Twiggy 1299 BIN!

  1. Poo, wish this was a day bag. It's so pretty!
  2. I think teal is best in a city.
  3. i agreee with lovelv, teal is the best color in a city!! and I fricken love this auction hmmmm.. we shall see :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  4. It is raining hot colored Twiggys again!
  5. Looks like the Blue India Twiggy posted on the normal BBag forum.
  6. this is my dream bag. drooool.
  7. i think it looks like BI because she took pictures with flash, which dilutes the color significantly. sent in a very reasonable offer, hope she bites!
  8. ^^ good luck didi-girl :tender:
  9. Didi--Another twiggy?? Wow! You got to show us pics of all of them together =)
  10. i know, i have a twiggy obsession. i think they just look best on me for some reason. maybe i should try the first at some point. hee hee. i'll see what happens and take a family shot.
  11. Didi--Another twiggy?? Wow!:nuts:
    You got to show us pics of all of them together :yes:
  12. YAY!!!!!!!!!! I AM THE WINNER OF MY DREAM BAG!!!! She accepted my offer. Paid just a bit above retail, so I don't feel too bad. This is the color/style that got me addicted to b-bags in the first place, and I am so happy to have it. i think i need to sell something now to make up for this purchase.
  13. Congratulations, teal is so beautiful! And I love twiggys too, so I totally understand! Show us pics when you get her!
  14. Congrats Didi!
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