Teal Stam for Diabro.net tally


Teal Stams anyone??!

  1. I ordered 1 Teal Stam!

  2. I ordered 2 Teal Stams!

  3. I ordered 3 Teal Stams!

  4. I ordered 4 Teal Stams!

  5. I ordered 5 Teal Stams!

  6. I ordered 6+ Teal Stams!

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  1. I know some of you girls wanted to see how many of us had ordered via poll- so here is a poll thread for you all.

    Good luck!!
  2. one stam for me, but if we include my girlfriends we are up to 10 total
  3. I ordered one through Google and one through Paypal!!! SOMETHING HAS TO WORKK!!!!
  4. This is CRAZY!!! I ordered just one. I am not even all that crazy about the stam, but hey....for $166., why the heck not, right!!?? LOL!!!!
  5. 18 so far - hey, it's not 1,000. I bet if it's less than 100 they'll work something out with their favorite customers. They don't want to make the whole PF mad!
  6. I ordered one first thing this morning (i.e., 8:45 a.m.)~ I keep checking my e-mail for shipping info:tup:
  7. Oh I'm getting anxious... just really wish this "dream" will really come true... *finger crossed* haha!
  8. My experience with a similar situation with petco was they canceled all the purchases.
    I have a confirmation from google that the order was received by them and then by diabro but when I go to the diabro site and look at my account it shows no purchases yet. My credit card has been charged.
  9. This is just crazy!!! I ordered one too. It should be interesting to see what happens!!
  10. I also ordered one through PayPal, one through Google. Only the PayPal order is showing as "Pending" on Diabro's site. **Fingers crossed for all of us!!!!**:angel:
  11. Like Cheryl, I ordered one through Google checkout but since it didn't show up in my Diabro account I reordered through Paypal.
  12. It's 7:41am in Japan right now - verdict should be coming soon!!!
  13. i ordered 5, i wanna order another via bank transfer
  14. I'm tempted to get another myself - what a great gift that would be!
    OR - a great item to sell & get another MJ - haha.

    But I won't get greedy - I'm just hoping my 1 squeaks by!

    Maybe the shipping dept started @ 6am.........
    Maybe they won't notice till they're all out........
    And it will be too late because it shipped & I specifically noted on my paypal payment
    authorize $166 and change only.......

    It could happen.......

    This is what I keep telling myself anyway!
  15. I'd be happy to receive just one. Le sigh.