Teal Reveal!

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  1. Finally received MissTeal twisted leather Phoebe! Love her! Wrapped so beautifully! So happy!

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  2. Gorgeous! I really like this color.
  3. Isn't she pretty?

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  4. Thank you! I was trying to post multiple pics...didn't work..sent a second one ! Lol
  5. Very pretty! I really like the gathered leather and the color is just gorgeous.
  6. Thank You! I'm very happy! Never saw IRL..,so was a little nervous! But this bag is too dye for! Very grown up, but still Chic!;)
  7. Beautiful! Congrats!
  8. Pretty! I ordered & received the brick red twist for my mom but haven't revealed it here yet.

  9. You got it girl! It's fabulous looking. Enjoy it!
  10. Beautiful! That bag is so much prettier in person.
  11. Thank you! Can't wait to wear her out!
  12. Thank You! I know! So happy when I finally saw it IRL! Pics don't do her justice!
  13. I will! Thanks! Gonna try and do some Mod shots soon!
  14. Can't wait to see it!
  15. It's gorgeous! I've seen that one in person too! So glad you're happy with it!