Teal Or Turquoise??

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just bought the first in Teal; but as you girls are so good at finding great bags on eBay have just found the turquoise one thats up for sale....
    All of a sudden my Teal looks a bit dull and although the turquoise shows signs of wear I find myself drawn more and more....:wtf:

    What do you all think??
    Please help :shrugs:
  2. Come on guys I need your opinion's don't be shy..:yes:
  3. Turquoise!
  4. I had a similiar debate w/my self.... and although the turq is gorgeous, I found that the teal went with everything in my wardrobe. I am too lazy to change purses daily, so I rotate each season.
  5. Thats exactly what I am thinking tabbyco...
    My favourite colour of all time is turquoise but I have boots exactly the same colour as the teal :shrugs: :shrugs:
  6. I have both colors and here is the comparison. :p
    IMG_1943.JPG IMG_1944.JPG
  7. No contest for me. Teal all the way.
  8. I'm no help at all cause I like both....
  9. Teal :heart:
    More subtle and a very special tone of blue. Turquoise is louder but gets tiresome faster, IMO.
  10. teal goes nicely with jeans...but turq is cute also, it just brighten up your outfits.
  11. I like the Teal more! Turq gets boring and overdone wayy fast for me.. *shrugg*
  12. I have both teal and turquoise – teal is much more wearable!
  13. i love Turquoise!!! Get the Turquoise!!! hehehe!!!
  14. Thanks for all your advice, I think i'm gonna stick with the teal although now there's a beautiful turq 04 on eBay- I think I like the 04 shade more than the 05. Why oh why are there so many colours??:confused1: :smash:
  15. They are both so pretty! I couldn't possibly decide. See, I am no help... haha... I see why you are going with the Teal. It is such a classic color and it's more versatile than the turquoise.