Teal office on eBay

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  1. Yum yum... :yes:
  2. And the seller is a real sweetheart, one of the very best!
  3. so pretty!
  4. ohhh... i wich i could afford this :cry:
  5. omigosh, that's one beautiful bag, hope a PFer gets it today!!!
  6. beeeeeautiful, someone grab it! as another teal city owner, i can't recommend the color enough :smile:
  7. ugh i wish i was rich :cry: this is one of my dream colors. i hope a PFr gets it so i can request pictures when i feel the teal void...
  8. If I win the lottery! ;)

    Seriously, the leather is divine, and teal is :love: Please get this someone, and post more pictures :graucho:
  9. That's a good price, though :yes: :yes:
  10. It's gorgeous!! Teal looks so good on the work size!
  11. MY DREAM BAG!!! :heart: :heart: :love: How do you suppose the condition is on the bag? Should I hold out for one in better condition?
  12. the condition looks good to me, and the teal wears very well, in my experience.
  13. Edna -- I would go for it. I got my teal first and the color is gorgeous!
  14. I cant believe no one has bought this yet, IT'S A DEAL! :smile:
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