Teal Nikki vs Sea Green Nikki ...pics

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  1. #1 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    My teal nikki arrived today from Luna Boston. I love it!!!
    I really like the leather and I adore the color. I love green bags!!! It is very close to Sea Green, although the texture is very different. I think Sea Green may be the next on the chopping block ....



  2. The Teal leather is just sooo beautiful! Thanks for the comparison.
  3. Thanks for the comparison pics! I just love the distressed leather!
  4. It's amazing how close the colors are, but the distressed leather is much more interesting. How do the textures compare?
  5. Wow!!! I didn't realize how close it was to sea green, but of course the texture looks way different. Love the teal!

    Thanks for the shots.
  6. Thanks for sharing! I, too, just received a teal bag (matinee), and I love it!
  7. Wow, they are similar! Teal outshines sea green IMO. I don't get tired of seeing pics of Teal!!
  8. Great comparison pics - thank you! Congrats on your new Teal Nikki. It's gorgeous!
  9. Sea Green might be a good alternative for those girls who think the Teal leather is too thin or delicate... didn't realize the colors were so similar.
  10. Thanks for the comparison, I cant wait to get my teal

    & IMHO- ITA Since the sea green & teal are soo close in color, you might as well just keep the one that outshines the other.... And then get another bag:graucho:
  11. yeah similar color - but totally different textures! what great bags!
  12. thanks for confirming my suspicion the colors are really close!!!
  13. Oh mY! They are both gorgeous! I have always been a BIG fan of sea green and the teal is just breathtaking! I guess if I "had" to choose, I would have to keep that gorgeous teal baby!
  14. I love the teal...=)
  15. Oh lala, thanks for sharing these!

    I know what you mean! The color similiaries! Well, I GUESSED and HOPED and PRAYED that Teal was similiar to Seagreen because I had missed out on getting myself a Seagreen MAC so when I got my TEAL MAC I was so happy.

    Nooo! Seagreen might be on the chopping block! It's okay, TEAL will keep you satisfied :P