Teal mini twiggy...not so small afterall

  1. Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to share some pics I took of my mini twiggy. It actually holds more that I than I thought it would. Comparing it to my first I think it holds almost as much. I could put more in my first, but I think it would look over stuffed. So for me I would say they hold about the same amount.
    DSC03730-1.jpg DSC03731-1.jpg DSC03733-1.jpg DSC03734-1.jpg
  2. I totally agree with you - the mini twiggy holds the same if not more than the First size for me.. and i MUCH prefer the shape as the First looks all stuffed so easily..

    Your teal's simply divine!
  3. What a cute purse and the colour is :heart:! Thanks for showing what it holds, and I can't believe you carry so little with you : ) I love your credit card holder with the strap over the cards. Very nice.

    I wish you well,

  4. chloe.... thank you for sharing! GORGEOUS little bag ... I also made the same experience with a white mini twiggy - they are very comfortable :tender::love:
  5. Thanks Beverly! I agree the first looksoverstuffed so easily. I have to strategically place all my items so that it fits the right way without looking bulky.

    Bridget Yeah I usually carry a few more things, but these items are my essentials if I'm carrying a small bag. The credit card holder is from Nordstroms and it's really great for holding all my credit cards and stuff. They come in lots of fun colors that go really well with my colorful b bags. The best part is that it's pretty cheap too only $30-35.
  6. Thanks firstclass! I agree I think they are really cute and comfortable when I using the shoulder strap.
  7. chloe, great comparison pics! i love your MC wallet. it goes with all the bright balenciaga colors. congrats again and enjoy!
  8. Awsome pics girl!! Please post them in my thread, "Whats in your bbag" Great bags and accesories!!
  9. esile thanks! yeah the MC LV wallet goes with everything :yes:.

    ranskimmie thanks! I just posted them on your thread. Love your MC LV accessories too :love:.
  10. Great pics! I love that credit card holder. I'm going to go to Nordstroms and get one.
  11. Wow I can't believe how much that mini twiggy holds! And it is so cute
    the color is tdf :love: Thanks for sharing I had no idea it would hold that
    much! :heart:
  12. Thanks for sharing! Love the teal!!!
  13. That is so cute! No shoulder strap on the mini, right?
  14. Oh shux, its killing me! Can I share mine too?!!:nuts:
  15. Chloe & Beverly -- I think the size is great too. And I agree about the shape as compared to the first.

    Glimmer - -There is a shoulder strap.

    I posted these before but here is (was) my turq. mini-twiggy. The pic of me carrying it makes it look more barrel like than it is because it was stuffed with tissue paper. I am not sure I would carry it on my shoulder as I have shown in the pic but I took the pic to give an idea of the size.
    turqbag 004 (Small).jpg turqbag 001 (Small).jpg turqbag 002 (Small).jpg