Teal messenger !!

  1. Love the colour - I'm a little curious as to what "refinished" means.
  2. OT, but does anyone know what is the shortest length the strap will go? I prefer this strap to the Day/Hobo strap, but I'm a shortie and the Day/Hobo strap is perfect in length, and I think this strap may be too long. Thanks!
  3. it means that the leather has been re-coloured. notice how the colour looks too even? where are the veins and light & dark spots? it looks as if the bag was literally painted. no sale!
  4. Thanks Delixeduck - it's a shame that they've done that. No sale here too!
  5. maybe its the lighting... but all of their balenciaga bags that they've sold look awful. that red bag looks like crumped paper!
  6. The Dolma City was gorgeous ... I think Percephonie got that one?
  7. I think they got the teal messenger from ebay b/c I remember one a little while back and I asked the seller about it and he/she said it had been refurbished/redyed.
  8. Yep I got the Dolma:yahoo:
  9. jdy, you're better than CIA.