Teal Messenger on ebay..is it Authentic..need advise

  1. :shame: Ladies..Gentleman..

    I know a lot of you are BBags connoiseur...So..Im asking you to check this eBay listing if it is LEGIT or Authentic. I request for more pics.

    Very interested in this bag. I got burned before on eBay before, and Im a scaredy cat on bidding or BIN it!

    Check it out and let me know. (click the link OR copy and paste it)


    I want the TEAL so bad..or wait till the Blue/Gris fall 2006 to come out (for peace of mind reasons.I buy my Bbags from BAL NY...Louie is a great SA)

    Dude Loving Bbags!!

  2. cool..thanks..i'll research it

  3. BTW welcome to the forum! Hope to see more posts from you, and pics of your collection! :love:
  4. Thank you. Im glad I found this forum...im in it once in a while..
    Check my posting with my BBags pics on the Weekender/Voyage post.

    a great forumeer helped me post my bags...murasaki helped me!

  5. Oooohhh that's YOU! Yes, yes I remember you posted pics of those bags, they ROCK!!! LOVE them!!!!
  6. thanks...EVERYONE here (forum) are so nice. .

    About the Teal Messenger on ebay....I got a quote of $679 + shipping on BIN...Im apprehensive. It has some scratches...Im in contact with the seller and said they would send me more pics....

    Part of me wants to wait for fall (blue.gris) but this is such a deal (saving at least $300.00) and Im afraid to get robbed again (fakes)...I can only get burned once!

  7. If you get more pics, feel free to post them here so we can all take a look :smile:
  8. Cool..I will.

    Until then!