Teal Messenger LOW BIN

  1. I posted there too--the number doesn't match the messenger number. I wondered why that would be (also I think the price on the receipt is wrong). Is this a male bag or is there some explanation?
  2. Oh thanks winona, that's great ! I know a friend who search a teal bbag, I'll give her your informations now .... maybe she also would like a messanger-bag ! Thanks again for letting us know :love:
  3. No--wait--I see the price is correct. There was $15 added for something. But, is that the number for the messenger?
  4. I don't know about the number, but I believe messenger is men's bag. And I think men's bags don't come with mirrors. $15 is most likely shipping. The person had it shipped out of state so there were no sales tax.
  5. Why do I never have any money?? I love the teal :love: , and I think I have mini strokes whenever I see teal b-bags:shame: .
  6. Is this the regular teal color or is it a different one since it's on a "man's" bag?
  7. Wow, that's a great bag! Somebody please BIN before I do!
  8. Seller removed the BIN!!!
    Probably peeked around the other bags!
  9. ^ ooohh or maybe she's lurking here! :nuts:
  10. I wish there was a way to pseudo-flash the lurkers.
  11. is it authentic?

    The pics are not clear.
  12. wish i snagged the bin!!
  13. It's authentic judging from the photos!
  14. then again.. is it authentic? great i didn't snag it afterall.
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