teal mayfair

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  1. hey ladies - ive fallen in love with pictures of this bag ... does anyone know where i can get one ... on ebay there is a mayfair but its grey and i dont love grey.

    any help would be most appreciated!

  2. Call a MJ boutique. They might still have it. You might have to pay full price though.
  3. Keep an eye on ebay....you may see one pop up. I'll cross my fingers for you!


  5. i KNOW!! HOT HOT HOT! So, its still in stores?? We dont have MJ stores here ... how much is 'full price'? why cant the grey one on ebay be this colour?
  6. Full price is $895, I believe.
    They still have the Ivory and Black at Saks, but I've only seen the Teal available at NM and BG, and possibly another online retailer (I forgot the name)
  7. love it!!! chain is so nice and chunky... hope you find one!! 895 is a good price too....
  8. to be honest, i prefer the grey over the teal. not that i'm saying the teal isn't nice, but it does not look like the picture where the model is holding it above her head. i didn't find the teal to be as vibrant or rich, and that's what disappointed me about the color. it was kind of flat. i was expecting a more emerald color, or the color depicted. oh, well. to each their own. the mayfair is gorgeous regardless of color.
  9. I love the Mayfair! The grey one is gorgeous :love:
  10. i love love love the grey, but i dont think i really have to tell anyone that! haha. the teal is cute also though- i sold my teal for a grey.

    try diabro- they were the last place that had them online.
  11. Maybe we can make her a Grey Mayfair convert?
    LOL....usually Grey is the color that is greaty desired.
    I never saw the teal in real life.
  12. I own the Teal Mayfair, and tadpole is right that its not as dark emerald as shown in the NM modeling pic above.

    Its actually a medium green and has a bit of blue undertone. Still, as a green lover, I think its a pretty--and unique--color. :yes: There are other IRL pics in the reference library if you want to compare.

  13. ^^^Also, I think this pic from shoptwigs is a good representation of the color:

  14. I have a teal ZC and the pic from ShopTwigs is probably the most accurate -- it's definitely more of a Greenish color. The light blue stitching makes the color POP tho. this was a Fall 07 bag and they got marked down. There might be one at an MJ boutique, but you might also want to try Nordstrom Rack and Off Saks stores -- I've actually seen quite a few on ebay. I'm surprised there's a grey one listed -- it seemed like everyone wanted the grey and it NEVER got listed -- If you don't want to pay full price, I"m sure one will come up on ebay soon

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  15. for some reason me and grey dont go well together! I dont know if its my skintone or what but it makes me look kinda ... sick!
    And i am a green/blue lover. From bags to eye liner, im a sucker for teeeeeallll!

    one more question ... the chain isnt a 'big' deal ... right?