Teal Mayfair ???

  1. By constantly searching online I have realized that the teal mayfair is basically unavailable ... BUT is it only unavailable online, and still for sale in stores ??? Or has it sold out of stores as well ??

    I cant take a look for myself, since I live in Canada (aka. no good shopping anywhere) so can you ladies help me out !?

    ps. if anyone is looking to perhaps sell a teal mayfair.. PM ME !!!

    Also, one more thing ! There is a black mayfair available right now that I am considering . But i cant decide.. should I settle for the black, even though my heart is set on teal ? Because at least if I get the black, I will have one, in case i never (gasp!) find a teal one... BUT then what if I buy the black and THEN find a teal one .
    I dont know what to do, I'm having a dilemma . I'm pretty much hyperventilating
  2. Most places in the US are sold out. You could call a dept store and ask them to do a store search for you. I would suggest trying Neiman Marcus first, since they were the last to go on sale... They had it on the website so I would think they would have it in store as well. I don't know about Canada, but I imagine that Holts or similar could see if they have any in stock to ship to you. Good luck!
  3. I'm sure with all the sales a Teal Mayfair is bound to show up on eBay sooner or later - everything else seems to be (even the Quilted Elastic Stams in Plum and Navy which were being searched for by many PFers!)
  4. If you're open to eBay, there's a Teal Mayfair that looks brand new. Its from a fellow Tpfer. Good luck! :flowers:
  5. I actually was looking for anyone who may have been interested in it, but it was going to ship out soon so I had to cancel yesterday. I'm so sorry! :sad: If I had known you wanted it, I would have waited until today possibly!

    Don't give up on your search! Keep bookmarking the page and I'm sure one will pop up sooner or later!

    But your right, of course, one will pop up ! I have to believe that !
    I cannot believe you won a mayfair, what are the chances !!! Congrats !
    Be sure to post pictures so I can drool over them ..!
  7. They have the Teal mayfair in the sales at Luisaviaroma.com
    30 percent off
  8. The seller recently added a Best Offer option so I'd say GO FOR IT! :graucho: