Teal Madison Julianne vs. teal Francine...a color comparison!

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  1. For nutz4purses and anyone else that's interested, I'm posting comparison pics of the teal Julianne and Francine. At the moment, these are REALLY quick photos! I hope to update these later this weekend with better photos taken in better light. Unfortunately I waited till it was dark this evening to try to do this! :nogood:

    I can also add side by side comparisons with other bags in the teal-ish family (Lindsay, Lily, Peyton, Haversack, etc) if anyone is interested in the color comparison.

    Please keep in mind that my Julianne came from the outlet, but is in pristine condition as far as I can tell. I also do not believe the color is faded or off like some of the berry bags are that are found at the outlets.

    For a good comparison, I would say the color of the Madison bag is very similar to the smooth leather creed on the Francine. I've tried to show this in the third photo (Julianne handle is next to Francine creed).

    Hope this helps a little bit for now!

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  2. Wow Baglady, I think you're our living bag library ;)

    Is it me, or is the julianne almost the same size as the francine? They look so close in size... Very Pretty Colors, they both look great! I love teal, but i have nothing in my closet to match it, for sure... So I m just eye-candying off your pics :graucho:
  3. WOW,
    This helps me so much, THANK YOU!!! I cant believe how much the creed on the Francine looks like the Teal Madison leather. FINALLY I have something true to go by(since I own Francine) and can decide if the Teal Sabrina is for me. You are truly a Sweetie and a Wonderful Mod!!! Thanks with all my heart, HUGS... nutz
    BTW, love both of your bags
  4. Thanks for the pics BG! I really need some teal again in my life, and since I already know that I :heart: the Julianne, I've been thinking about grabbing one in that color.
    Would you say it's pretty close to the Lindsay teal? That's the bag that I brought back b/c she just didn't grow on me enough, though she is very pretty.
  5. ^^ Hey, ya know, this weekend I'll dig out my Lindsay and photo that as well! As for the Lindsay, the espresso is my fav color. I love the teal, though.

    Thanks guys! I don't mind at all...it's just getting me to take the time to dig out the bags and photo.

    Coachmommyofmin, yeah, you wouldn't think so, but stuffed they are definitely about the same size. I never thought about that before! Guaranteed the Francine is heavier, though! The Julianne does tend to slouch a little bit without stuffing...it's currently stuffed!
  6. thank you baglady, you have inspired me to look for a teal julianne!
  7. Thanks for the pics...definitely helpful to see two "teal" bags side by side. Boy, Coach sure employs a creative license when naming their colors...I remember doing a double-take when seeing the "cherry" Sabrina in real life for the very first time :yes:
  8. Wow BagLady those are very pretty I would love to see all the comparison pics of your teal family. I would actually love to see your collection I bet it is TDF. Thanks for posting you are the best MOD ever
  9. Thanks for the pictures. I'd love to see your whole collection colour comparison too!
  10. We love to see these color comparisons! It's helpful to a lot of people here. Great MOD you are, thank you!!
  11. Thanks for posting the comparison pics. While I like the teal in the Madison line, it wasn't enough love to buy a bag. Now I know why, I prefer the teal shade of the Francine!
  12. What a difference!!!
  13. The teal color on the Sabrina is very different in color based on the lighting situation you are in.....
    In daylight it is a very bright teal.
    Indoors it is a much darker color IMO.


    (Picture taken in daylight)

  14. Soooo pretty, baglady!!!!! WHY did I sell my francine!!! Something tells me I'll really be missing it this summer as a bright color on a sunny day! Arghhh....

    I love the Julianne in teal too!
  15. ^^^Me, too! That was the bag I was saving my "teal" option for (if that makes sense) but when I was ready to pick it up, all the teal Juliannes were gone :tdown: I did get the Lindsay in teal and while that is gorgeous it slips off my shoulder CONSTANTLY so she's in my closet with tags on and I'm still on the hunt for another (a perfect for me) teal bag.