Teal Lindsay is Here w/Pictures!

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  1. I ordered the teal Lindsay, but thought that it cost way too much and had planned on returning it.

    "Planned" is the operative word, because I am in loooove. It is lighter than my Lily, about as heavy as my pleated Ergo satchel. The leather doesn't feel cheap, though, just not heavy. It's very slouchy when empty because the lighter leather is less structured, but as soon as I put my wallet and planner in, it looked great. I love the two zippered compartments and it's not hard to zip shut.

    I'm attaching a photo taken with flash, because it's very true to the real color (my house is very dark). I also included a modeling pic for size reference.



    Modeling Pic
  2. That bag is super pretty, LOVE the color! Congrats!
  3. Oh, it's beautiful! I wanted to buy this with my PCE, but we shall see. Thank you for the pics!
  4. ditto!!!
  5. Lovely bag! I think I like the new garcia leather. I found it to be soft and luscious when I handled one of these bags in person! Let us know how the leather holds up!
  6. I love the color, congrats!
  7. That is a very pretty bag. I love the color. Congrats! Its looks great on you.
  8. Well I'm going to say keep, I love mine and can't wait to take her out and about.
  9. It's very pretty!! Glad you like it and don't want to take it back.
  10. Yes, exactly! It's buttery soft. I like the durability of the old Legacy leather--definitely bags I can take out in all weather, especially rain and snow--but this feels absolutely luxurious. I want to pet it!
  11. I love it!

  12. That's a fabulous looking bag and it looks Great on you, too!

    L:heart:ve the color, Enjoy her!!!
  13. Gorgeous bag - I'm glad you fell in love with her! I cannot wait until one of the stores near me actually get some of these Garcia leather bags in so I can feel the leather - I think I'm going to like it so thanks for this great review!
  14. Nice!
  15. I love it! It's gorgeous and if it weren't for the money that bag would be mine. :graucho: :P