Teal Julianne on sale at Bloomies Short Hiils, NJ

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  1. For anyone interested in a teal Julianne. I spotted one at Bloomies Short Hills this morning. It was 40% off the original price.
  2. Wow how much does that come too about?
  3. $458-40% comes to $274.80! I have no idea where Short Hills is but I would be there in half a second if it was anywhere near me...:sad:
  4. I called, and the SA said they are sold out!, So I am still desperatly seeking a Teal Julianne!

  5. Do a charge by phone. I just got back from bloomies in Costa Mesa Ca.
    They still had a teal Julianne. Goodluck!
  6. I just called. They have 3. Shipping is $20 shipped to you home. Two weeks for delivery. Mine is on the way :smile:)
  7. YAY!! Congrats! I must say $20 for shipping is alot. But you are getting a really good price 40% off.
  8. the following bloomies have the Julianne in Teal as of a few minutes ago:

    NYC - 59th St (6 in stock)
    Newport Beach, CA
    Fashion Valley - San Diego

    The price is as stated above - $274.90 but the $20 for shipping would be a deal breaker considering I'd have to pay taxes, too.
  9. Oh crap....if you're out of state do you have to pay tax?
  10. :yahoo:I GOT ONE:yahoo: At the Costa Mesa Bloomies. My total (i believe w/shipping) was 294.00, so that would mean no sales tax???? We have no Bloomindales in WI. Many Thanks to Pzold for informing me!!!!!
    Woo Hoo!!! :yahoo:Oh Happy Day!!:yahoo:Dang I'm Excited!:yahoo:
  11. only if you have a bloomies in the state where you live, I live in MD and we have 2.
  12. Thanks Pzold ! :tup: and chelle232! :tup:
    I just bought one with a charge send.
  13. Congrats everyone!! You'll luv her!! I get lots of compliments on mine. :cloud9:
  14. I will be getting the teal julianne soon, i was wondering for those getting it from Bloomies and for those who have it, do you think it would be easy to use as an everyday bag or do you guys use it as an everyday bag? can the teal colour be ok for any season? i am planning on using it as an everyday bag but wasn't too sure about whether it would get alot of use because i am so used to carrying darker shades like black. any advice would be great thanks!

  15. That is the price she quoted me too and I was afraid to ask if that included shipping. She said she charged me CA Tax rate? So IDK what she did? There is a Bloomies in MI but they don't carry Coach.