Teal hobo is back

  1. I love the color. Just dont care for the style.
  2. i love the color and style but i am already getting it in a first. i know english_girl wanted this bag. hope she can get it this time.
  3. I love the color and the style, but sadly no money to buy if I want any of the new colors.
  4. g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!!! I might have to give up my spleen for that one!

    any takers? :graucho:
  5. aaaaahhhhh yummy yummy!!! go get it ladies!!!!:love:
  6. why is it back on ebay?
  7. ^^ She pulled the auction the first time for health reasons. There's already a bid, and it isn't mine - who's going for it girls?

    PS I'm afraid it won't be me. I just ordered a rouille hobo from AlohaRag, so I'm tapped out for the forseeable future. :sad:
  8. It's such a pretty color!
  9. mmmhhhhhhhhhhh ..... GORGEOUS - just TDF color IMO :love::heart:
  10. I love this color and it odd enough it seems like it could be neutral enough to wear with a lot of stuff right??
  11. you're exactly right, i have a teal city and i have yet to find an outfit it doesn't go with. black, browns, navy, anything. it's the most versatile purse i have! go get it!
  12. I love this bag and was going to bid on it the 1st time it was up for auction, but now I am going to Vegas in a couple weeks and need to save my money:cry:
    This bag sure would look good in Vegas:sad:
  13. It would! Get it! lol! OT: your Chi is absolutely adorable!!!! :love:
  14. It is very tempting!!!!
    thank you, so is yours:flowers: