teal hobo and dolma green mini twiggy on ebay!!!

  1. NOT. Fair. :sad: I love that Day.........
  2. awww sweetie, why are you sad?:sad:
    if you love that teal hobo, go get it!!!!!:love:
  3. I'm afraid the price'll sky-rocket. Bertie's a known seller with a good rep, and its a beautiful colour. And its already over retail...........
  4. yeah is very reputable, but try to email her maybe she can give you a good deal!!! she's a very lovely seller:love:
  5. She is really great. I almost got something from her before but it didn't end up happening for an unrelated reason but she was wonderful to work with. The bags both look great. Good luck!
  6. Well, I emailed her about a BIN. I won't be able to pay via PayPal cos my address is unconfirmed, but I'm fairly certain I'd be safe from scams with this seller. And it is a beautiful bag.........*sigh*.
  7. I love the teal also. I'm so sad I can't afford it, i wish i didn't buy my new bag yesterday
  8. Good luck english_girl .... I also know bertie..... as a honest and very nice seller - I'll cross my fingers you can get it for a good price ;)
  9. Okay, there's no BIN for this one. So - I'm not overly experienced at this kind of thing. If anyone here is used to bidding for this kind of thing on ebay, could you maybe PM me and give me some pointers? Thank you!

    Thanks firstclass! I've only had the one contact with her, but she definitely seems like a nice person. :smile:
  11. ^^ Yes - I should have said! :shame: Nhelle, you're an angel!
  12. awww ladies that's so sweet:love:

    girl, i think you should def. try to win this one. this is such a great color!!!:graucho: :heart:
  13. I know! :heart: But I'm trying not to get too excited in case it gets too high for me. But I'll be watching like a hawk, guaranteed!
  14. Omg, I want that Day!!!