Teal handbag recs?

  1. Hello ladies,

    I'm looking for a new Spring everyday bag and was hoping for some suggestions. The only concerns would be priced under $500, shipping to Canada (if online) and preferably a shoulder bag. I initially wanted something like the small MJ multipocket in teal but unfortunately it sold out before I could make up my mind.

    Thanks in advance!
    nina t. :biggrin:
  2. I love this bag from Tano. You have to pre-order but the azul color is reportedly a deep teal. The only picture available on musthavebag.com, however, is the olive color. One of the best things about this bag is the price - $179! I haven't ordered it yet but reports about Tano on the PF have been quite positive.

  3. Great choice, IndyCat! I've read about Tano bags here and on the TFS forum - very good feedback so far. The bags look excellent.
  4. Thanks passerby. I was going to order the Azul color of this bag yesterday when it was in stock. Unfortunately, I waited until today and they are all gone :sad2: - I snooze, I lose. I will probably preorder either the olive or azul (any thoughts?). I will be sure to report on the quality and post a pic.
  5. Thanks both of you for those suggestions!
    That Tano bag is now def under serious consideration...

    thanks again!
  6. Doing some late night browsing on Overstock.com and found some cute things. Made by Perlina, way under $500 and they ship to Canada.



  7. Look forward to hearing from you about your Tano, IndyCat.

    Nina, I hope you buy the Tano so that we can read your feedback as well. :biggrin:

    Meanwhile how about this acqua (not quite the same colour) Lumiani bag?

    $152-95 now
  8. Nina, have you bought your teal handbag yet?

    What do you think of these Dutchy teal bags on the Lunaboston site:

    Dutchy Nana Doc Medium Shoulder - $290

    Dutchy Nana Day Shoulder bag - $195

    Dutchy Penny Basket Bag - $225

    Dutchy Penny Clutch - $135
  9. Hi passerby,

    Unfortunately, by the time i emailed Alexandra at musthavebag.com, she told me that the Tano jet setter bag in the teal color Azul had already soldout- preorders and everything :sad:

    I'm so indecisive- i still love the shape of the Tano bag, so i'm considering it in another color, but still want a blue/teal bag as well. I've also had my eye on the Gerard Darel charlotte bag in a sky blue color and now more options from you too... this website is really really bad for tempting me and my wallet!
  10. Hi Nina, I'd go for the Gerard Darel Charlotte anytime! :biggrin: IMHO it's going to be a classic.