Teal first on ebay!

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  1. OMG! That's an amazing deal!!! I almost hit BIN, but I'm still trying in vain to hold out for a Seafoam. Arghh..it's so pretty! Someone buy it!!!
  2. i hope someone gets it. great price. i LOVE the color but hate purchasing from overseas.
  3. Poupette sellers are good- I wouldn't worry about overseas!
  4. Oh- she doesn't take Paypal
  5. I just meant because of customs/duties. It always ends up being a bit more (even though this is a great deal and price even if I do get hit with customs).
  6. OK- understand!
  7. i bought it. i had to. i LOVE the color. customs willl suck!
  8. Oh man. I hope you don't get hit too hard with customs. Great find!
  9. :yahoo: :yahoo:YAY!!!!! Congrats Chigirl!!!!!:yahoo: So glad you got it!
  10. OMG!! yay!!!! I'm sooo happy for you, chigirl!!!! That bag is truly gorgeous!!! To tell you the truth, if my hubby wasn't sitting next to me reminding me about the Seafoam I want, I totally would have bought that gorgeous Teal! That's a fantastic bag at an amazing price!!! :smile:
  11. customs should be about $50 based on other stuff i got. time to sell some bags! i just am not loving any of the fall colors so far so this i have wanted.
  12. thanks everyone! especially zacorey for posting. i have wanted a blue bag for soooo long. i have my turq but i wanted a muted one. i can't believe i just did this. i have bought 3 bbags in 3 days. got an '05 black hobo too for a steal.
  13. Oh CONGRATS chigirl :flowers::flowers: !! GORGEOUS bag and very good price :yes: ! ENJOY it :love:
  14. yayyy!!!! soo glad it was u!
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