teal classique up on ebay!!! yummy!!!

  1. I was just going to post! $50 opening!!
  2. Wow, beautiful!
  3. Nevermind. I think I'm being too paranoid re: Paypal chargeback scam after I saw the Q & A. LoL

    Love the First in Teal.
  4. Lots of your fellow PF'ers buy on eBay and can't use Paypal, it doesn't mean they are the scammer. ;)
  5. I realized I jumped the gun Winona so I edited... My bad.
  6. ^^ hey if you're wondering who asked the ebayer from the Philippines...that was me (asking on behalf of a local friend)!! and yes, we dont have paypal here!;)
  7. Patawad. =)
  8. im not mad sweets!;)
  9. its really pretty.... why is the opening bid so low....
  10. very pretty!
  11. That's what I'm wondering too.........I wonder if the seller is holding out on something.......:shrugs:
  12. Wow that's a nice bag and at such a low starting price.
  13. it's so beautiful! i just hope the seller doesnt jack up the price like we were talking about in the other thread! wow i cant believe there are so many filipinos in tPF! I'm filipino too! And yes, I felt really ashamed when I read the thread on the tPF member who got screwed on ebay. IT'S SO WRONG! but anyways, i think i might go for this auction. But i'm gonna wait b/c there's still 6 days left. thanks for posting it amourn20!!
  14. but why IS the startin so low?? looks legit to me though.