teal classique up on ebay!!! yummy!!!

  1. wow, beautiful, and pricey.
  2. Wow the prices are just getting higher and higher!
  3. WOW, teal is GORGEOUS!

    BTW I have a theory about these prices, I think most people always want to sell to at least recover what they pay for, so if someone paid full price + taxes + s&h, the first time they sell it they'd want to get it back (which will be above retail already). The more they get passed around, plus the rarity and bids on ebay, will just continue to drive prices up higher, maybe by $50-$100 at a time, maybe even double the price! Gosh, it's so scary...

    BTW thanks for sharing Amour!!! What's your next quest now?
  4. where are all the good deals went?
  5. i would like to know that myself.
  6. hmmmm T....lilac 04 i think...and red 2003 city???:lol: :roflmfao: :angel:

    I was offered by a local friend a teal classique for $900 only..not sure yet if I'll get it
  7. Geez N.... I think your local friends are hogging all the b-beauties to themselves! :roflmfao::lol: Any chance they have an 05 turquoise needing a new home? :graucho:
  8. There was a teal classique that went for $920 two weeks ago........
  9. *croons* (in tune to "Where have all the cowboys gone")
  10. Oh me too!!

    Turquoise 05.. where are youuuuuuuu? ;)


  11. there's gonna be 1 out there for you T...you will get one...soon...:love:
  12. :love: :love: So beautiful. I might have to break my vow lol :lol:
  13. Down giggles!

    (i am just totally kidding!) The temptation can be so strong I know
  14. I know!! It is too hard!!! :sad: