teal city anyone? SB 564.60

  1. Amour are you sure it's authentic?
  2. ^^ the bales and metal tag seems ok to me...
  3. It doesn't look to me that there is black thread on top of the metal plate. The color looks not quite right.
  4. This is the same seller that had the brand new 04 Turquoise for sale recently. I emailed the seller regarding a BIN. They wanted $1500. Thanks but no thanks.
  5. Zac - I agree, there is no black stitching on that tag...
  6. could it be the angle of the photo?
  7. Yep, I'm thinking it's the angle of the photo. Look at the stitching on the right side (of the top). It is definitely darker than on the sides.
  8. I am thinking it's the way it's pictured also, and I asked the seller if she could send me a clearer picture of the tag. I also agree that is actually Teal, as some thought the color was off in the other thread that called it Turq.

  9. I've bought from her before. She's not alway the most responsive before you win, but she has definitely only sold authentic from everything I've seen so far. I consider her to be reputable.
  10. It looks authentic to me. I think the stitching is black at the top you just can't see it well cause of the pic.
  11. I asked for a BIN option, which is like mpark says way too high. So it's no thanks for me too. I believe every color has a different value, the turquoise one was way more valuable than this one. No way
  12. yes you are right, is to high, i have seen this color price for less, and considering the new blue color mid december blue de paris something like that, it's better to spend the money in a new bag!!!
  13. This is the same exact thought I have had. Funny
  14. :yahoo: I got this one ladies! I had asked the seller for additional photos, and it's deffinitely authentic. I think the price she gave me is reasonable, especially for the mint condition, and extra tassles provided. I hear ya on the new colors being similar, but I am addicted to the 05 leather. I honestly feel that is the best year at of all for the best leather. My Sky Blue City is going bye-bye tomorrow, and my Turq Twiggy arrives Tuesday. When this one comes it will be decision time. So I ask you....if I want to sell one which should it be? I am not including my Bubblegum Pink City in that question, she is not going anywhere!!! Okay, so they're all 05's: Teal City, Magenta Box, and Turquoise Twiggy. I am not positive if I will let any go, but If I did give one up, which should it be? I am a tad bit worried about the Twiggy's size and shape, only because I have never seen one in person. All the bags are in mint condition, with the exception of some darkening on the Magenta's handles. I'd love to hear your opinions.