Teal Cabas came today - the color is so surprising!

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  1. Okay, guys... why didn't anyone tell me? This teal...it's NOTHING like any of the pics I've seen! Not NEARLY as sky-blue-ish, MUCH more grey-blueish. So soft and neutral and gorgeous. I'm going to try and capture it tomorrow, but I imagine it's difficult since nobody else has!
  2. Are you like, SUPER EXCITED!? :yahoo:
  3. hey, roo! To be honest, I'm a bit in shock. I've never liked chanel before, always found it too conservative and not edgy enough. I've always gone for balenciagas. This bag is not conversative or edgey. I'm mostly... simple. Yet the leather is so scrumptious. But I do find myself going... okay, it's a really nice tote bag with a chain strap. What's all the fuss? Why sold out everywhere? But it's so comfy to carry. The color is the biggest attraction for me. You guys have to tell me what you think the fuss is. My only concern is I'll be bored with it too soon. But it's so... purty. So what is it?
  4. Congrats! Can't wait to see your pics!
  5. Can't wait to see your pics. Mine should be here today or tomorrw, but I am out of town until Sat :sad: I will have to live through your pics until then.
  6. I agree..whenever I photograph the teal..it comes out a tad lighter in pics.Photos do NOT capture the REAL color at all.
    I ADORE this color..I just prefer it as more of a springtime bag...
    I havent stopped using my black one..so easy to use.lightweight and all..LOVE all the baby cabas bags!
  7. what is it you guys love? If you can put it into words? (and jill, the teal is awesome w/black or dark brown for winter, too!)
  8. Can't wait to see pics of the teal!!!!!!!!
  9. I love the teal color. I can't wait to see pics.
  10. I think I captured it!!!! (can someone please add to the title of this thread that it has pics now?)

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  11. Thanks SO much for taking that gorgeous photo! This is a beautiful color; it is the closest I've seen to a blue-grey Paddington I gave up and although I don't miss the bag I do miss the color. If my khaki never manifests I will certainly try for the teal, although I assume it is probably sold out by now.
  12. Congrats. Very pretty, thanks for sharing. =)
  13. I love the Teal Cabas!!! It's a beautiful bag.
  14. Love the colour!! gorgeous!!
  15. and for those of you too tired or lazy to click: