Teal Balenciaga on asos.com

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  1. Hmm, they have a teal balenciaga on asos.com. That's unusual for them! (Though they did have some Paddingtons on once.)
    It's £675.
    Nicole Richie & Kate Moss | Balenciaga Leather Bag at ASOS

    They also have a tan Fendi spy, if anyone's interested, for £1020. Heniously, they have put up a picture of Mischa Barton carrying a tan Paddington to accompany it :rolleyes:

    I know there's a 10% discount code (PARTY, I think) floating around too. If only the 20% still worked.
  2. Looks like it could be blue india
  3. Looks like Blue India on my 'puter screen too. And I think its gone now?