Teal Balenciaga city on eby, BIN$1379~

  1. Sorry hun, that's fake
  2. oh!!!really~?!?!?!!?!!?:shocked: how did you know??hehehe..sorry im a newbie~~:shame:
  3. It's a really good one too. The mirror and shoulder strap should not be wrapped in plastic but attached to the bag. Also, and I might be wrong, but the bales look a little squarish (in the plastic).

    Anyone else have any thoughts?
  4. yep.. fake.. colour is wrong too..
    ALSO... the front buckles are not rounded enough
  5. I think it's a bluefly bag. The leather gave it away.
  6. Eeks! It looks like the same exact fake bag Bluefly sent me! Do not buy!!
  7. It definitely looks like a bluefly bag, the wrapping, the leather......
  8. I think so too, I actually E-mailed the seller asking them this when it was first listed.. wanted to let them know to return it because it was fake if it was indeed purchased from Bluefly... but I haven't heard back.
  9. She said, she purchased it from bluefly. Please let her know that she's been a victim of bluefly:cry:
  10. I just emailed her the posts regarding Bluefly on ripoffreport.com. She can read the testimonials herself!
  11. hopefully, she'll end the auction.. she honestly didn't know that the bag is fake.
  12. She ended it:amuse:
  13. I only read the title and was getting excited! ...Are there ever any authentic teal Cities or Works? :+(
  14. fake and she got caught out.