Teal baby coco cabas?

  1. Does this bag still exist?

    Anywhere I can still find it?

    I know I know...kind of late for me to realize how much I love it...


  2. It exists.....but I don't own one!!!!

    Please, I usually start to love and crave a bag after it's long gone.......:party:
  3. oh i'd love to get my hands on one too. but i don't think you can get them from the stores anymore, the only option will be eBay.
  4. right...i havent even seen them on eBay or any online resellers...:shrugs:

    If anyone sees one please let me know, thanks!!! ;)
  5. It is a lovely color! I am now glad I chose it over a black, which was initially my first choice.
  6. blackmail Jill into selling hers? :p

  7. I want one tooooooo!
  8. Can anyone post the Teal baby coco cabas?

    I had put my name to wait list for a Khaki baby coco cabas which will be FALL ACT 1 item... hopefully i can get one.
  9. Here's a pic! :idea:
    Teal Coco Cabas.jpg
  10. ^ I would love to see that color on a flap or a tote :nuts:
  11. I had a few opportunites to grab a teal baby cabas, but have always dithered. Then I hanker after it when it's out of reach! The reason that I always hesitate is that I am not sure I need another baby cabas when I already have the dark silver, which is such a beautiful versatile neutral that I will be quite happy to carry years down the road.
  12. I hope one pops up for you. It was my lucky day when a pfer posted she was going to return hers awhile back. Timing..... I love it! I think it was the last one found in retail, SO LUCKY. It is a gorgeous color, I feel fortunate to have her.
  13. ahh the teal is sooo beautiful. i think one of the prettiest colors chanel has ever made besides bordeaux. i really hope one pops up on eBay too!!
  14. yeah, very pretty. i saw someone carrying at Saks Beverly Hills one day.
  15. I'm looking for the same bag 2, desperately