Teal and Bubblegum Days at AFF

  1. That is turquoise 05'... wasn't someone looking for this?
  2. you are right....
    nice... but pricey...
  3. So it is... good eye max!
  4. For brand new turquoise 05, I think the price is VERY reasonable.:rolleyes:
  5. Soleil has been looking for one!
  6. i think i like that bubblegum!
  7. OMG the teal is amazing....should I? why oh why didnt I just go to bed like I was planning?
  8. The teal one is on hold . . . Donna, is it you?
  9. *faint*
  10. OMG! :nuts: I want it I want it I want it!! :girlsigh:
    :drool: on hold now:drool::heart:

    Thanks Lanie!!!:flowers:
  11. that "teal" is def. 05 turquoise. gorgeous...
  12. Not pricey at all! In fact, just the opposite. These are mint condition (turq. is brand new) and rare colors and are basically at retail or less (price includes shippping and there is no tax). Congrats soleil! You got a great deal!
  13. ^I agree chigirl.

    Contrats Soleil!
  14. wow, I would have jumped on that teal. enjoy it soleil!