teal alyona...should i or shouldn't i?

  1. the Nordstrom sale is really fabulous and thanks to melly for bringing it to our attention! i am seriously considering the alyona in teal. i wanted the teal baby stam before, but with 40% off, i want to get something bigger and better! you know, to make the most of the discount. :graucho:

    my boyfriend says the bag is too similar to my mix quilted tote and my stam. one of my coworkers said the color looks "too old." i'm not sure what that means. what do you ladies think? for $825, i think it looks great or do i have my sale goggles on?


  2. i absolutely LOVE it, and i really think you'd get a lot of use out of it.

    (enabler here!)
    what color is your stam? i just find the teal to be so :love:... i'd spring for it if i were you before it's too late... remember, if you absolutely hate it you can always return, but i have a feeling if you don't you'll regret it!
  3. I think it's beyond gorgeous!!! I say go for it!!! :tup: (You know we're all enablers here! LOL!)
  4. I think it's beautiful!! And in that color!! TDF!!! I agree with luvpurses....we really are just enablers...
  5. Enablers unite!! And I agree with vintagelove if you get it in your hands and decide you dont love it you can always return it.
  6. If you love it, go for it!!!!!!!!!!!After you have lived with it for a few days and change your mind you can always return it!!:yahoo:
  7. i love it kim, its a great bag! i say go for it!
  8. I've been going back and forth on buying the same bag myself for months. Green is my favorite color, but I'm just not real sure whether I *love* this color, and in this large a bag. (I'm wondering if the color looks better on a smaller Mayfair.) Looks like its now or never on deciding with the sales starting, though... :shrugs:
  9. I love the color and the style! Go for it!! :smile:
  10. tadpolenyc - how do you like the mixed quilted tote? Does it fit on the shoulder or is it a handbag? Is it heavy? I think the mixed quilted tote is beautiful! The Alyona is nice, but I prefer the mixed quilted.
  11. ^ i am loving my mix quilted tote! it's can be shoulder carried and it's the lightest mj bag i own. it is by far my favorite mj purchase of the year, and i got quite a lot in '07. are you thinking about getting it? the seattle Nordstrom has it in stock.
  12. Thanks, tadpolenyc. I did a presale for the grey one. I still go back and look at your pictures. It is so pretty!
  13. so did you decide to purchase the alyona kim?
  14. ^ i am planning on calling the seattle Nordstrom as soon as i get off from work.
  15. a little update: the seattle Nordstrom no longer has the alyona according to the sa melly recommended, kaitlin. she was really helpful though and referred me to the scottsdale, az nordstrom. the sa there, denise, was able to find the only one available in the back room, so i went ahead and pre-saled (is that a word?) it! i didn't get a chance to see it in person. i am hoping that i'll like it, but even if i don't, i can always return it.

    thanks to everyone for their input. you guys are super helpful. i'll post pictures as soon as i receive it!