Teal 05 City, $1588 Bin

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  1. The leather on this is gorgeous, but Teal didn't come with pewter hardware.
  2. Wasn't this bag sold few weeks ago? i was watching it on eBay and some one bought it.:shrugs:
  3. Not sure, Nanaz, I didn't follow the auction. But the BIN is quite high!
  4. am i blind, isn't that hardware pewter or am i wrong?????:confused1:
  5. I used to have one. The teal 05 absolutely did NOT come with pewter (silver) hardware, and from the pics, that is NOT pewter hardware. That is the antique brass it's supposed to have.
  6. Julie, I think it's the lighting.
  7. I am SO SO SORRY!!!! I guess I blew this one! Your right, I looked at it better and it is brass (that's what i get for trying to post auctions):sad:

    Hope i didn't mess it up for the seller! Thanks for straightening me out girls!