teak nackie!!!

  1. I know! Seen it too many times already - she doesn't even take notice anymore! :lol:
  2. fabae...what shoes are you wearing?
  3. fabae - love the Nackie on you. You look great and the DD in the background is cute.
  4. I don't have any brown bags, believe it or not, and am seriously considering this one, thanks to your amazing modeling pix, Nikki. A silly question -- do the handles always stand up like that or can they be made to flip down when using the shoulder strap, like on the Blibio? I hope that makes sense.

    Edited to add: I just watched the video again and it looks like the handles are fixed in that upright position. It's the one thing I don't love about the bag, but maybe if I see the bag IRL, it won't bother me as much.
  5. ^^thanks! Yeah they are fixed upright. I do wish they would flip down. Its still a great bag. You should check it out!
  6. I noticed in one of Toni's pics that her handles were starting to lay down, so I think it may be possible. I'm working on mine. I keep my bag in a file cabinet drawer at work, and when I put it in there I fold the handles down. It seems like the leather is starting to stretch a bit. Hopefully, it will stretch enough that they'll lay down on their own eventually.
  7. ^^Hmmm. I can bend mine down a bit, but I dont want to ruin anything. let me know how it works for you!
  8. Bumping the nackie chat....how have they been holding out? Are you still in love?
  9. ^^yes! Its get better with age!!! Its so nice all broken in.
  10. oo - thanks nikki...
  11. Do you have photos of it broken-in? The coral nackie is still calling me, assuming yours is holding up and breaking in nicely. :biggrin:
  12. ^^I have pics of the teak, but I have not used the coral yet:shame: I have been too lazy to switch bags. I have been using the same one for months:tdown:
  13. ^broken-in teak would still be helpful! I actually didn't know that you had the coral--you need to start using that baby! :p
  14. My only problem with it is that it flops in so much that it's hard to use the outside pockets. I have to straighten the bag up first to get stuff in. Or maybe it's my phone in the inside pocket weighing it down too much? I've never had that problem with another bag..... I'll try to take pics this weekend.