teak nackie!!!

  1. This is all I had in it, too. Not a ton of stuff. (The bag itself is also pretty lightweight, IMO. It's my stuff that adds the weight.)
  2. So I took pictures of me holding the bag as it is out of the box, brand new with nothing in it. It's pretty flat and I think that's what made it seem so huge to me. (Please excuse the messy 5-year-old's room in the background.It's time to supervise a thorough cleaning...)
    001.JPG 002.JPG
  3. I took more pics of how it hung after I loaded it up.
    004.JPG 005.JPG 006.JPG 012.JPG
  4. Gah! My hands look horrid for my age. I have old lady hands. Whatever. I suppose hands aren't something to get worked up over if they work all right. :p

    Some more pics.
    008.JPG 009.JPG 011.JPG
  5. Those pockets don't just hang open like that; I did that for the picture. They have magnets.

    So, in conclusion, it's a keeper. If you're an OCD organized kind of person like me, this bag has your name all over it. The lining is cute, and it's easy to find your stuff in it. You have carrying options, and the shoulder strap isn't too long. It's well made, has the most beautiful leather I've seen in a while, is the perfect neutral color....I really can't say enough good things about this bag. It's my new favorite. :yahoo:

    And this is for Toni: :woohoo:
  6. I just realized that, in one of the pics, my daughter is lounging on the sofa with her little belly hanging out. :roflmfao:
  7. Great pics fabae. The Nackie certainly has the room for carrying alot.
    And your pics show great detail of the texture of the bag. I am loving that!!
    Really need to save for one!!:biggrin:(still wish it had a crossbody strap though. maybe
    by the time I get one Toni will have added that or have them to sell separately!!:fingers crossed:smile:

    Noticed the pic of dd.Thought it was cute!!:p
  8. Sooooooo happy you love it!! You look Great with it! You have such a cute figure!! Your hands DO NOT look old at all!!!!! We are so hard on ourselves. I told you this was the bag! It is super functional. Your daughter is so cute in that pic laying there. Too funny!
  9. Fabae - you look awesome and OMG - your hands don't look old AT all. And your DD is super cute and her bedroom looked tidy to me. And cute.

    The pics you took are amazing - you did SUCH a great job - i was scrolling back and forth obsessively trying to figure out if I could carry it.

    Like 2-many - the one thing holding me back is the lack of a cross body strap. I almost pulled the trigger looking at your pics and I keep telling myself that MAYBE I could try carrying it by the shoulder strap but I know in my heart that it wouldn't work that well. I DO occasionally sling smaller bags on my shoulder but larger bags just hurt after awhile. I'm doing the commuting by rapid transit/walking option to work some days now and I need that cross body strap in order to carry it longer distances. So - reluctantly- am holding off for now. But it looks fabulous on you!!!!!
  10. It's gorgeous, fabae, and looks awesome on you!

    I really wanted to get this bag in the moss color but it looks like that's not gonna happen! I love the teak but have an abundance of brown bags. :-/
  11. Thanks, y'all!
  12. I noticed that right away!!! Cutie!! :tender: And then I thought... oh snap... that is my FUTURE!!! Mommy photoing bags while daughter is unfazed on the couch... :lol: :ghi5:

    Her room is adorable.. esp the dollies in bed next to hers.. :love:

    But to the point, the bag looks FAB on FABAE!!! :ps:
    Seriously, the pics of it handheld, you look fabulous!!!! LOVE IT!!!! It looks great!!! Love Love LOVE it on you. Enjoy it.

    I really want one of these bags, I just don't need it in any of the available color options right now. Hrmmph.
  13. Exactly...
    I need a pop of a color I don't already have!!! I wish they'd do a ruby...
  14. Nice pics fabae! Trying to maintain control here...getting harder with those gorg pics!
  15. That bag is super awesome.....good thing it's not in wild rose...or bitter lime....or merlot..or mulberry....