teak nackie!!!

  1. ^^yay! Cant wait to hear your review! When does yours arrive?
  2. Gorgeous pics and great review, Nikki! And you look fantastic!!
  3. ^^thanks jenn!
  4. On Wednesday, according to UPS. I get home late that day. Hopefully I get home before they do a drop and run. UPS makes me nervous!
  5. Lovely, Nikki! Enjoy! :smile:
  6. Thanks Clutched!

    Fabae, I am sooooo excited for you to get yours!!
  7. Okay, it has arrived! Problem is, I just walked in the door 5 minutes ago and have about 5 more minutes here before I have to run back out for a meeting about (free) state college tuition money for the oldest kid. (Won't be missing that meeting!) NO time to play with my newly arrived Nackie! I haven't even opened it because I wanted to savor the whole opening/unwrapping/petting experience. (Though it is calling my name loudly from behind my closet door. Maybe a quick peek.) I'll update tomorrow...
  8. I'm back and I couldn't stand it. First impressions: Perfect color! Gorgeous leather! Soooo soft! The texture on the leather is AMAZING. :cloud9: Truly a strokeable bag. Is that a word?

    But the glue smell is overwhelming at the moment. That puppy needs to air out.

    I'll play with it some more tomorrow and take more pics to add to the thread ASAP.
  9. ^^Yay! It is great isnt it???? yes, it did have a smell, but mine went away. I also sprayed it with TLC so that helped.
  10. I left mine out today (in a larger room, unwrapped, instead of in my closet) and it has already aired out considerably.

    Sooo....first impressions still stand: This is a gorgeous, well-designed bag with amazing leather. A. MAZ. ING. I have to stress that. My only maybe-problem is that it may be too big for me. I can't make up my mind. I'm going to give it a few more days of thinking, see if it grows on me. I would hate to send it back - the leather is THAT amazing - but I can't keep a bag unless I love it. That's my only hard and fast bag-buying rule.

    Nikki, has yours smooshed up enough to not hang so big on you?
  11. Fabae - I remember Toni saying that as it got smooshier it shrank somehow.
  12. Yeah, I was thinking I'd read that somewhere. I took another look at it and thought, "Oooh, I just love it," so this party ain't over yet. heh heh
  13. It does seem to "shrink" a bit. Once you fill it with stuff, and it breaks it, it does look/hang smaller.
  14. That's exactly what your pictures show, which sold me on it. I *might* just be keeping it.
  15. All righty. Time for my full review. As of last night, I had already started to think the Nackie was indeed the bag for which I'd been looking. This morning I went out to run some errands and used my F&C Lady Bag, which I love, but I was irritated because it's not easy to get into and out of quickly when you're paying for stuff, grabbing your keys, etc. This helped the Nackie decision because the Nackie is roomy, organized, and easy to use. :tup: Truly, thumbs up to Toni for the design of this bag. Amazing, especially when you use other bags that bug you like that!

    Anyway, I came home, loaded it up and went to look in the mirror, and the bag seemed to sort of shrink when I had it loaded up. In a good way. As in, didn't seem to huge anymore.

    BTW, if you're a medium-to-big bag kind of girl, none of this will matter to you. You're gonna LOVE this bag. I'm just not a BIG bag kind of girl, so sometimes it takes me a bit to realize it's not as huge as it seems to me at first sight. Moving on.

    Here's my first pic: Nackie all loaded up and looking quite soft and smooshy already: