1. I've noticed that there are a lot of lawyers and people who work in finance here at the forum. Are there any other teachers here? If so, what do you teach and how long have you been teaching?

    I am currently in my 7th year teaching in a middle school. I've taught English/Reading to all three grades (6,7, and 8). I love it, but often wished it paid more b/c after the bills there is very little to put towards my handbag obsession!
  2. i'm THINKING of getting into teaching primary school.

    i'm a fresh grad so i'm unsure of what i want to do. it's actually kind of scary.
  3. I'm a teacher too! I've taught grades seven to nine French and English, and grades 3-6 all subjects. I also did a lot of substitute teaching in between, as well as teaching outdoor programs like cross country skiing, mountain biking and track cycling.

    I've got about four years of teaching experience (classroom) and five years outdoors, and I agree it doesn't pay all that well! What can you do? Fortunately, my husband is paid quite well.
  4. I'm not a teacher, but I'm thinking of becoming one! I've thought about making the switch to teaching so I can go to grad school in the evenings and get my master's in communications. I'd like to eventually become a college professor :amuse: My mom has been teaching for 25+ years, she currently teaches history and social studies in Spanish at a magnet elementary school.

    Teachers rock :nuts: :love:
  5. I was an English teacher for one year while I finished my PhD, but after that year, I went to work at Xerox as a writer and eventually a product marketing manager. Loved teaching but there was little hope of finding a tenure track position.
  6. I am a new teacher, I teach grade two. It is not an easy job, but I love it.
  7. I am a teacher also! I have been teaching English for four years at an alternative high school on Long Island. I love teaching, but I agree with Deborah sue, it is hard to find a tenure track position, and as addictedtopurses pointed out, the money is not fabulous. Especially with the cost of living here. I can rationalize spending a lot of money on purses b/c it's the only thing I go overboard with. And it makes me SO happy!
  8. Whew! More power to you ladies. Being a mom of 3 two of which are in school, I often wonder where you wonderful ladies get your energy and patience.Having to deal with atleast 30 kids every day all day long. Wow! Good luck and best wishes in your teaching careers!
  9. I'm a teacher too (English language and literature)! Just after my degree (in 1999), I started working as a p.r. for a fashion firm, but after some years I decided to quit (too much stress for me). I returned at university for a two-year specializing course and...here I am. Last year I worked in a 'scuola media' (it is attended by students from 11 to 14), and this year I am teaching both language and literature in a 'Liceo' (students from 14 to 19). I love teaching because I love my subject and staying in contact with teenagers. It's def a hard job, though.
  10. I teach Sociology (and sometimes Psychology, depending upon which dept. "my" courses fall under) at the university undergrad level--have been doing it for a long time...
  11. I'm teaching in the English and History Depts. at the college level. I get to do a lot of fun courses -- the history of psychiatry and madness, for example, a class on American religion and culture, and a seminar on the history of the animal rights movement:smile: Unfortunately, I'm just an "adjunct" so I don't get paid as much as the tenured professors. But I'm finishing my Ph.D. soon, so hopefully that will help me "move up." More $ = More bags!!!

    P.S. There's some irony in the fact that I teach English courses because I can NOT spell. (I can discuss the literary symbolism, rhetorical organization and all that...just can't get the letters in order!) I wish they had spellcheck on the forum...my closet spelling problem is being aired in the open here!
  12. wow Susan-eric I loved sociology.. I was going to be a psych major..
  13. That's cool that there are so many people interested in psychiatry/psychology here! That's my main focus -- history of psych and religion.

    Btw, I really admire everyone teaching the younger kids. I actually interviewed for a job teaching fifth graders at a quaker school and spent a day there -- while the kids were adorable, they were also EXHAUSTING, really active. I couldn't do it. By the time students get to me in college, they're pretty easy to handle:smile:
  14. I'm a teacher too :smile: At the moment a teaching assistant at a big university where TAs handle most of the teaching load (from course planning to lecturing to grading). I've had hundreds of students since starting my degree program - I feel like a veteran teacher already. I'm facing a tough job market in a couple of years too, but placement into tenure track positions is actually remarkably good in my program, so I'm hoping that I find a position!
  15. I JUST got my teaching credential a few months ago! Woo hoo! It was a career change for me 3 yrs after graduating college, and figuring out that I didn't know what the heck to do with my economics degree. 2 more years of schooling and here I am. At the moment I'm subbing for a inner city district and it's pretty hard. BUT I'm learning a lot about myself and kinda figure that I can teach anywhere now, maybe :amuse: .

    Question though...do you/when do you teachers feel the burn out and what do you do???