TEACHERS: What did you get your masters in?

  1. I'm just finishing up my BA in secondary Spanish ed and am already thinking about what I'll choose for my masters program. I don't even know the "rules" - are you limited to choices that pertain to your field? If so, I'd like to choose special education - but definitely not Spanish (if I have the choice) again... I've had enough of Spanish/LA lit and history for awhile :lol:

    So what did you pick and what were your options? Regrets?
  2. I did my BA in English and secondary Ed. I got my masters in Reading and my certificate to be a reading specialist. I'm happy with my choice. However, I could see going back to school down the road for another degree in special education and even possibly administration at some point ( I love taking classes/ being a student).

    I think special ed would be a great choice even if you don't see yourself teaching special ed because nowdays with the push towards inclusion every teacher should really have the understanding/abilities necessary to teach students with special needs.
  3. This is EXACTLY my train of thought. Luckily, in my BA program we were required to take a few classes geared towards inclusion and "exploratory"/special needs children, as well as observe special education and inclusive classrooms. I enjoyed the experience, and would like to learn more :yes:
  4. I'm sorry, this is a little off topic, but I figured this would be a perfect place to ask....

    I'm thinking of possibly considering becoming a high school teacher as a 'day' career. I am on my way to a career as a screenwriter (right when it is time for me to join the guild , they went on strike, so I can't sell anything at all, lol, thats life I guess), but it isn't always the most steady work, especially starting out. The only other job I would have a real interest in is being a teacher. I would much rather do that than work at Banana Republic if I can.

    Do I need to have a Masters? I am 6 credits away from a BA in Motion Pictures and Television, specializing in writing. Do you think I have a chance of being hired at any kind of a high school, even just to teach a specialized subject? Please, anything you can tell me would be great. I'm completely feeling around in the dark here...
  5. Livin Lux--My BA is in Spanish, my Prof. Diploma in Elem. Ed. and my Master's is in Ed with an Emphasis in Reading. My current position is a Curriculum Specialist in an Elementary School. In the future I plan to get my Ed Doc in Educational Administration.

    In today's educational system hot topics are: Reading, Assessment, Differentated Instruction, Technology, ELL, and Special Education and these would all be good areas to study. In deciding to go for your Master's you should consider: your current position, your future career plans, and what interests you. You'll be doing a lot of reading and research and depending on what "track" you take you may be studying for anywhere from a year to five years.

    I did a lot of research on assessment and balanced literacy when I completed my Master's so I use my studies a lot in my current job. I started my Master's during my 5th year of teaching and I think it was a good time. I had had enough experience in the classroom to know what I wanted to study and had the procecures and management down thus enabling me to go to school, teach well, and implement university projects in the classroom. Others in my program who didn't have that experience and background really struggled.

    If you're thinking about doing a Special Education Master's just be aware that it may pigeon-hole you and you may get "stuck" in a Special Education line. This has happened to a few of my friends and they have burned out quickly.

    Tangerine--You may want to try substitute teaching to see whether this profession is for you. Also, due to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 all schools need to have highly qualified teachers. It is now difficult to get hired without a degree or license. Your best bet would be to join something like Teach for America.

    Good luck!
  6. ^^^ Could I do a masters in early childhood? That way I could switch out of secondary if I burnt out into working with little ones?

    If I was to do special ed, I'd just want to learn more about classifications, etc - and to teach special ed Spanish on the occasion - but not become an exclusive special ed teacher.

  7. It really depends on the state you live in. In AZ, you do not need to have a master's degree to teach, but in NY state, you do. I think it might be a little hard to find a job as a Theatre teacher because some schools do not have Theatre Arts programs. Good luck!
  8. I'm not a teacher, but trained to be one for awhile and have tons of friends who are teachers. My thoughts are that you shouldn't think about your master's degree until you've had a couple years of teaching under your belt. Then you'll learn what you like and don't like and will have some first hand knowledge of TRULY working with kids instead of sporadic contact with them.
  9. ^^^ totally agree with this. I'm just pre-planning. I'm a planner, lol. I definitely won't go into the program until I'm at least a year into a full time position - but being I've already got a year of HS/MS field work under my belt, and after this semester of student teaching I should have a good idea of what I want to learn more about. After the year of observations/field work I became interested in special ed, that's all :flowers:
  10. My best friend has one MA in special education, and is completing her second in Applied Behavorial Analysis (LOL, I didn't remember that off the top of my head, I had to check her facebook!). She teaches a class for autistic children, and goes to school at night.

  11. I can only speak for NC- You have to have a degree in a relative field, say Literature to teach high school English. Then you would have to take roughly 18 hours of education classes to receive certification and pass the Praxis. The NC Dept of Public Instruction reviews your transcripts and tells you what classes and how many hours to take to receive cert.
  12. My first masters was in Health Occupations Ed. I came into education with no teacher cert but a BA. I had certification in the healthcare industry, there was a University with the Health Occ Ed Masters. I started teaching and worked on the Masters at the same time. Roughly 10 years later I went back and got a second masters in counseling and now am a high school counselor.

    In NC, to have your Master's degree affect your pay- 10% increase- it has to relate to your teaching subject.

    BTW- I did not get a second 10% increase with the second masters. :shame:
  13. Thank you for your advice.. thanks to babieejae and rileygirl too:biggrin:

    I am in California. I went to a private high school and when I was there I had the idea that being hired there was a somewhat different process than being hired at a public school. I am going to have to look into it. I just keep hearing that schools here are starved for teachers.... then again, it all depends on how my writing career goes after the strike. Teaching is not something I'm intending to half-ass.

  14. also, i LOVE the quote in your sig!!:tup:
  15. when i saw the topic i was like "o o o let me read what people have to say, cause that'll be me asking that question in a few months''

    i'm a planner too Q so i gotcha :wlae:i 'should' finish my BA by '09, but i did different routes for money saving purposes..

    i got my A.A. in Early and Middle Childhood Education
    currently getting my B.A. in Family and Child Studies with a concentration in Early and Middle Childhood Education with a K-5 Certification
    and for my M.A. i'm thinking of doing special education bc i just draw myself to children in special needs.

    word of advise, look at the college you want to attend, see the difference in courses you have to take from what you're taking now. i know you're doing secondary but primary, i think is a little more different. for a p-3 certification, it required more classes than my k-5 cert, so see what classes will be required and if they may be classes you're interested in learning about and research. lotssssss of research in a thesis, so buenos luck :smile: