1. This question is for anyone who has r carry a lot of files or work related materials back and forth. What bags/purse do you carry to work? I am trying to find a good sized work bag but I don't know where to start..so many options to choose from. I will mostly be carrying files back and forth as well as teacher materials. Please help by suggesting a few. If you have pics that will be helpful too. *I don't carry messenger type bags* Thanks in advance!
  2. I use a Coach Tote, seems to be the strongest I can find and fits my lap top as well. I carry it on my shoulder.
  3. Which Coach tote?
  4. I am also a teacher and use the Coach Hamptons Business Carryall. It is perfect for files and also fits my laptop inside. I also like the fact that it closes on top unlike their simple tote. That way, I don't have to worry about my laptop falling out.
  5. I use a Coach tote as well - I have a newer Denim stripe. It holds a ton of stuff, and I'm not so worried about dirt (inside or out) as it doesn't show at all.

    I've considered the LV Neverfull as well but haven't purchased one yet. I'm a little reluctant to spend that much on canvas and not a nice leather bag.
  6. aren't the coach hamptopns kinda heavy to lug around with all those papers and a laptop? i have a coach tote and i find it kind of heavy to carry so much stuff around...

    i use longchamp bags - they are light and sturdy
  7. I'm not a teacher, but I did notice that my lecturer carried one of those Botkier Bombay totes that are giaaaant... I nearly bought one but i'm 160cm and it would've overpowered me. Here's a link if you're interested:


    Another teacher carried a birkin! A real life birkin! I hated her actually, and I thought it was just... well it just wasn't appropriate. She also wore glasses that had giant 'dior' monograms on the side. I just think there's a time and place for everything you know? And birkins and dior just aren't for the classroom.
  8. I use the coach diaper bag! That thing is really sturdy and it holds a ton of stuff. The change pad adds support. Now mind you I am sort of lazy and tend to leave my laptop at school, but until my caoch bag I used to look like a bag lady.
  9. When I taught, I used a large Herve Chapelier ... so roomy and comfortable over the shoulder. My friend from grad school used a Longchamp, which she liked better. If you can carry it, the LL Bean canvas tote has lots of room, too
  10. I'm not a teacher but I use a Neverfull MM to carry my work papers/files back & forth. Sometimes I even put my laptop in it.
  11. I had a law teacher who dressed inappropriately like this, jackets often longer than her skirts and she drove a sports car. She ended up retiring after blinding herself taking her false eyelashes off with her false nails.
  12. I don't find it heavy at all but I have a MacBook so that is not adding too much weight. I guess if the laptop is heavier it may put a bit more strain on the shoulders. I find the Coach carryall works for me though. Although, I checked out that Botkier bag one of the other posters suggested and I love it. Hmmm....maybe I need a new school bag for the new school year....LOL!
  13. I've just been using a LeSportSac tote. Nothing exciting, but I don't have to worry about dropping it on the floor and leaving it there because I don't have a chance to get back to it for 7 hours!
  14. I'm also a teacher and I alternate between a Tokidoki Lesportsac Citta Rosa or a Kate Spade canvas tote. I agree the lesportsac is awesome because I dont have to worry about it. It's very easy to clean; there is a 30% code for lesportsac.
  15. My mom's a teacher and she uses a roxy tote bag/ carryon bag, I bought for her. They have them on pacsun.com