Teachers, may I ask what bags do you use?

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  1. Dear teachers,

    I'll be starting out my teaching career in a few month's time. I'm thinking of getting myself a bag that will fit in all the files and papers that I'll have to
    lug around. I have a budget of about $300. Thinking this will also make a moce graduation gift for myself. Any suggestions from the teachers out there? Thanks a lot!!
  2. I like messenger bags for my teacher stuff. I have a Kate Spade black nylon large messenger that I don't have to baby around and has a secure/closed top.
  3. I have a large Coach workbag - it's durable and can be found at the outlets for a cheap price. My advice if you are going to be in an elementary school, don't get any bag that you'll be afraid to get dirty because believe me, it will get dirty. Anyways my bag has tons of pockets, zipped opening and easy to carry around.
  4. I have an Ignes Ormala that I love. Gorgeous and I beat on it, as we teachers do.
  5. I use a LV Neverfull GM because it holds a lot (weight and space-wise) and the coated canvas is really durable. But I also teach at university, so I don't have to worry about kids and extra wear and tear.

    For something a bit less expensive, both Nine West and Lauren by Ralph Lauren have some really lovely large leather bags. You can also get really good deals on both of these at TJMaxx.
  6. Currently, I am using a green Longchamp le pliage. I do rotate it with an older Coach Hamptons tote and an ancient but still fabulous looking kate spade messenger bag.
  7. I see a lot of teachers using coach bags - at the outlet they are quite affordable!

    I love love love my tano bags... the Tano Dangerous Indeed is my favorite at the moment - you can find them on ebay and some other etailer sites (check out the tano SF for more info!)

    I have about 10 different bags I rotate between for work though!
  8. I am a college professor and always carry a regular handbag to class along with a tote that I can beat up for my books, papers, etc.

    I originally had an all-leather Coach Hamptons tote that I abused horribly, but it served me very well for years - and the lining looked brand new until the day I sold it on ick-bay. I then bought a Hayden-Harnett Pan-Am tote (no longer made, waaaah) for almost nothing a few years back and LOVE it!!! It holds a ton and looks brand new, despite all of the beating (it is nylon with leather trim). I alternate the Pan-Am tote now with a large Longchamp Le Pliage Shopper, which may be the very best of them all, since its handle is more comfortable than the Pan-Am tote and it's lighter.

    It is worth every penny I paid for it ($145-155 retail, I believe - and there are many colors to choose from). :heart:
  9. Wow!!! I just noticed that we have the Le Pliage and the Coach Hamptons tote in common, lol. :P
  10. I use Betsey Johnson large tote, durable and rocker style, LOVE it, can take tons

    occasionally comes up on ebay for no more than $150 (it is 15"X12")


    also, I found amazing old YSL tote, but it is more sensitivem so I carry it to and from work, but not to class to expose to chalk and scratches:

  11. Thanks all for your lovely suggestions. I was thinking of the longchamp
    pliage. Yes, I will be teaching in the elementary school. So I'm concern about wear and tear too.
  12. Longchamp le pliage
  13. Elementary? If you go leather, go patent. It'll clean in a snap. Coach canvas will be harder to clean, imo. My Ignes is patent and I've wiped all manner of stuff off, thanks to my 4 yo.
  14. As always, I :heart: your choices, vesna!!! That Betsy Johnson tote has a ton of personality!!
  15. I like Longchamp & the older leather Coach bags (the non-logo styles). I believe those will be in your budget.