Teachers....I can use your help!!

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  1. Hello All! Well I am in my last leg of my teaching credential here in California and I begin my student teaching clinical on Monday (Two 9 week sessions). I was wondering if any of you had student teachers and any advise you can give me as I go into this adventure! Thanks!:tup:
  2. What age/grade and subject will you be student teaching?
  3. The first set is 4th grade and the second set is 2nd grade. I will be teaching all subjects in these grade levels. :smile:
  4. Establish rules, be firm and don't smile until at least Easter.
  5. Be a go-getter! Don't wait to have your supervising teacher ask you to do things-ask first so you show that you're up to a challenge. Don't be afraid to be firm-the students need to know that you are in charge-have a sense of humor-and enjoy the kids! I've taught K-4 for 32 years and I still love what I do. The kids make me laugh each and every day and they keep me young! You'll never get rich monetarily-but what you get from the kids exceeds what $$$ can buy! Good luck! :rolleyes:
  6. Be consistent with the kids and don't let them break you. I love those age groups, you're going to have lots of fun.
  7. Thanks Mcmahan706!:smile:

    JNH14, thanks so much for your advise!!! Im taking that all in!

    Thank you hamstahon!!! Im going to try my best to have fun and gain alot!
  8. check out the A to Z teacher forums, there's a section for new teacher & elementary teachers.
  9. I agree with JNH14! Don't wait for your associate teacher to tell you what to do! Jump right in and help out. Introduce yourself to the kids and make sure you're firm. Remember you're going to be their teacher and not their friend. Prepare for the lessons but don't over prepare. Learn all the routines - especially at that age, routines are everything. Good discipline means consistency and it's easier when you learn your students' names quickly. Don't make things too complex - simplicity is the key. Remember to bring your own personality into your teaching - follow your supervisor but you can't mirror everything he/she is like.

    You'll have a wonderful time! You'll going to remember some of the things the kids say to you!

    Here are some of my favourite students' sayings (my former grade 1 students):

    "I have a big headache from looking at words all day."

    "When I grow up I want to wear your orange vest and do recess duty."

    "I can't get my snow pants on!" (This was in April with 70F weather)

    "I just spit on him a little bit."
  10. I'm student teaching right now too!!!! I'm finishing week four tomorrow and the grading is piling up like crazy!!!! lol

    Consistency has been very important for me.... in coaching and teaching. If you say you're going to do something... do it. If you threaten with a punishment and they do what you don't want them to do... punish them. It sets a precident and an example to the whole class that you are the boss and they can't walk all over you!

    Have fun!!!!!!!!!
  11. ^^^ Thanks for all your feedback! I really appreciate all your advise. I am really looking forward to it but want to come in best prepared as I can!