Teacher Survives Attack By 400lb Lion, Claiming 'It Was Only Playing'

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    Kate Drew sits alongside the lions before they turned on her in the savannahs of Zimbabwe
    Kate Drew with bandaged head puts on a brave face after the attack

    Kate Drew walks alongside the lions in the baking sun.

    A British teacher's trip to Africa turned to horror - when a lion leapt on her from behind and clamped its jaws round her head.

    As she was dragged to the ground, Kate Drew screamed in pain as the animal's teeth sank into her.
    To add to her terror, two other lions were prowling not far away, waiting to pounce. Luckily, tour guides were nearby and they tackled the 400lb animal, wrestling it away from her and saving her from more serious injury or death.

    She was left needing 13 stitches in bite wounds - but it is thought the lion may simply have mistaken her for a playmate, because of her mane-like long blonde hair.
    "I thought, 'Oh my God, I'm a goner'", said 28-year-old Miss Drew, from Hornchurch, Essex.
    "I was scared enough when the lion pinned me to the ground, but when I looked up and saw the other two, I really thought I'd had it."
    The primary school headmistress had been working as a volunteer teacher in Tanzania since last September and was spending a few weeks travelling across Africa on a bus with other backpackers.
    As part of the trip, they visited a project where lions are bred to be released back into the wild. Tourists are able to walk with several of the big cats which are considered tame enough to be allowed close contact with humans.

    "I was a bit apprehensive, but we were just leaving and everything seemed to have gone well until this one lion jumped at me from behind," said Miss Drew.
    Her 57-year-old mother, Carole, said: "She didn't tell me about it at first, because she didn't want to worry me or her father.
    "I couldn't believe it when she told me what had happened. I was pretty shocked. She had told me that she planned to go walking with these lions and I said then that I didn't think it was a very good idea. "At the first hospital, they didn't have a doctor, so they took her to a second hospital where they stitched her up.

    "She said it was very painful - she's had the stitches out and her head is still very sore.
    "They said it had never happened before. They think that because she's got long, blonde hair the lion thought she was a playmate, another lion."
    Her father Colin, a 57-year-old retired oil trader added: "My first reaction was to laugh. It all sounded so unbelievable.
    "It all happened so quickly, but she was very, very lucky. However, she has an adventurous nature and it won't put her off." Miss Drew was yesterday flying out on her latest expedition - to work with disabled children in an orphanage in Peru.

    Julie Moult, for the Dailymail
  2. umm Ok :confused1: I guess if someone stabs her on the street she will tell the cops they were playing.
  3. Wow! Scary!
  4. :lecture:
  5. Oh my gosh.. thankfully she's ok now !!!
  6. I just don't understand the want to hang out w/ these giant cats. If your house cat was that size you'd be a snack. Those animals will never be domesticated no matter how badly people may wish it. That woman is very lucky.
  7. i LOVE her fathers reaction!!! what a great story she'll be able to tell her grandkids someday, but i doubt they'd believe it... wonder if she'll get attacked by crazed monkey in peru...
  8. anyone who 'plays' with a wild animal is just asking for it. they act purely on instinct not love or friendship.
  9. it's foolish to believe that you can be around wild animals and they'll pretend not to be wild for you. i used to have a house cat, and the only reason she didn't manage to maul me to death was because she only weighed 6 lbs. animals are animals.
  10. Well said.