Teacher appreciation week - what else can I bring? Ideas??

  1. I just heard it's teacher appreciation week, and I had already planned on bring a big tray of cookies and a bag of gourmet coffee to my daughter's HS tomorrow for all the faculty and staff.

    I need to add something to it though! The cookies are from a bakery and I bought 6 dozen. A bag of coffee should last awhile... what else can I add to the tray? I want it to be a food item but I am so clueless... There are approximately 40 employees total at the school and maybe a few coaches that come in the afternoon...

    Also, should I include a card or just tell the office who they are from? Not that I want recognition for it but I don't want to do the wrong thing. Should I put my and my husband's name on it along with our daughter? Or leave her name off the card?

    The cookies are gourmet cookies from a local bakery (I had to order them a month ago!) but they're all brown colors. :p I would like to add something colorful to the tray.

  2. Personally I think the cookies and coffee are enough. I usually do the same at my childrens schools. I will send a tray of cookies from a bakery (CakeLove has the BEST!).

    I have also sent flowers to be kept in the teachers lounge area. They always appreciate whatever they receive.

    I always send a card and I will just put from The_______'s (insert last name). Luckily our last name is pretty unique so there is never any confusion....lol.
  3. i'm not very original, starbucks cards..what i always do
  4. A lovely card with words of encouragement and appreciation to the teachers. My sis is a retired teacher and I know she loves whatever appreciation (not enough) comes her way.
  5. For color, you might include a bowl of chocolates/mints that come in bright wrappers.

    BTW, you are so nice to remember your daughter's teachers this way. I am a teacher, and my school's parent group served a delicious luncheon for teachers and staff...homemade entrees and sides...and many desserts :yes: The room looked so nice with flowers on every table. Our parent group is the best!
  6. candy and chocolates sounds good and yummy too. you're soo sweet for doing this. teachers and the staff hardly get recognition that they deserve.
  7. I agree with everything she said!
  8. Thanks for the replies! I ended up wrapping each dozen in a cello bag with bright ribbon and bought a plastic serving "tub" for $1.97 and put them all in there. Stuck the coffee in the middle and then filled in all the spaces with candy!
  9. my school is so unusual. my teachers get gift certificates to the local surf shop.
    but i liked your candy and coffe idea, the teachers will love it!
  10. I think I would just include a card that says "thank you from a grateful parent."
  11. anything you do for teachers is greatly appreciated!
  12. That is so nice of you! As a teacher I can tell you it will mean a lot to the staff.
    I got a calculator this year from my school. I teach English. Not that I am complaining--again, any recognition is so nice.
    It is just good to know there are some parents out there who value what we do.
    Oh, and teachers love free food!!