Home & Garden Teach me to be a good cleaner!


May 10, 2012
I'm not a huge fan of cleaning, but I take the time every so often to give the house a good dust, sweep, mop, and vacuum... I declutter, re-organize and try to get it in tip-top condition but I feel its always close, but not perfect.

How do I get my house to be as perfect as a cleaning lady would do? Does anyone here clean houses professionally or know anyone who does? What are the secrets?

Any and all tips appreciated from those who are in the know, whether professionally or otherwise!


Feb 5, 2008
Not professional but this is how I keep things in order in my house.
The key is to do some cleaning/ decluttering on a daily basis, like pick up clothes, toys etc.
Have a place for everything and make sure its returned back to its place after use.
Wipe down kitchen sink/ work surface after every use.
Do some light cleaning and wiping in bathroom daily too.
If you have the daily tidying down than you can give a good clean on a weekly basis, which will be easier.


Dec 27, 2005
I also find a uncluttered house with everything in its place is a easy house to clean. Think of how much time people waste picking things up and putting them in other rooms where they belong. I have been getting rid of so much and can clean a room in ten minutes because there is nothing to distract me. No junk on tables. No clutter on floors. I also find doing something each day to keep things organized helps. I personally like to clean but get carried away where I will start to clean baseboards and doors with scented non toxic cleansers. I will clean all the wood spindles on the stairs too because they will look and smell good. Strange I know but I do find doing detail work is relaxing.