Teach me Hermes Garden Party Size..

  1. I am not so sure hwo many sizes for Garden Party,,,

    I like the medium size..
    Anybody know teach me the size:confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :yahoo:

  2. The PM size is 30cm (I think that is what you would call "medium" size). It is a great bag! Which one are you interested in?
  3. the have size call TTPM, TPM, PM, MM isnt it?

    That make me :confused1:

    :push: :roflmfao: saving for my BD present..:yahoo:
    g-p-twilly-ttpm-bk-0.jpg g-p-ttpm-br-0.jpg
  4. i ve no idea for Hermes bag..

    i think w- is 30 CM..
    the leather made from??? i like leather with thick cotton
  5. I think the TPM is the 30 cms
    the PM is 35 or 36 cms
    the TTPM is 25?
    Don't know the size for the MM
    The GM is 51
  6. I think the TPM is the 30 cms
    the PM is 35 or 36 cms
    the TTPM is 25?
    Don't know the size for the MM
    The GM is 51 cms
  7. You are right, C. I left the "T" out of my post.

    TTPM is 20cm but expandable
    TPM is 30cm
    PM is 35cm

    and there are even larger Garden Party totes, too. I stood inside a TGM once. It must have been 70cm! LOL!!
  8. I hope that it is okay to resurrect this thread, :smile:.
    I am really hoping that someone can help me to pin down the measurements of what would be the largest Garden Totes. I am wondering if there are one or two larger sizes than the MM and what their measurements are?
    I think that I desperately want the largest possible size, because I have been thinking of it for months:girlsigh:, but my store doesn't have any GPs --- they have moved their inventory on to newer style totes. I might like to hunt one down on sale if only I could fully understand the sizing. As for the pricing, I will move on to that challenge next.
    Thanks in advance for the help on this basic question:flowers:. It has been haunting me for some time now and I have tried to find the answer on my own, but to no avail.
  9. I got this measurement from a Japanese booklet.

    TTPM: H15xW26xD10
    TPM: H21xW32xD14
    PM: H24xW36xD17
    MM: H31xW45xD20
    The biggest size (not sure what it is called): H33xW50xD24
  10. Thank you so much for clarifying these measurements, choco, :flowers:!
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. U're welcome. Hope you find your GP soon.:yes:
  13. to revive this thread, anyone happen to know what is the real name size for H33xW50xD24 ?
    I went to my local store and they couldnt tell me its a TGM or its a GM size, i am looking to buy 1 but chances are slim as my local store have none. Anyone?
  14. Bump

    I'm looking at a GP and the seller says the bag's base is approx 15" wide by 8" deep. What size would this be ?? The seller says they think it's the largest size GM. Is that true?

  15. does H still make the TTPM?